1. B

    New Mi 11 Ultra - MIUI 13 - 22.24.12 - Problems with FIMI Navi 2020 (Drone app)

    Hello everyone, i have problem with app for drone fimi x8 se 2022 App name is "Fimi Navi 2022", on miui 12.5 works perfectly. On my wife Xiaomi MI 10T pro on 12.5 works perfect. If i clear all data in app work in half functions.... when i use any option like show files from card or i go to...
  2. G

    Wifi and data automatically disabled with locked screen

    Hello, I have a recently purchased a Xiaomi 12 Pro, with everything updated and Miui 13. It happens to me that when the phone has been locked for a while, usually at night, it disconnects itself from all networks (data and wifi) and I lose the connection. I stop receiving all the notifications...
  3. G

    Constant reboot issue on Mi 9 SE (grus)

    Hello everybody. I'm having a very annoying problem with this smartphone for a while. Smartphone: Xiaomi MI 9 SE (grus) Initially it was restarting a few times, when it was in standby, after some time it started to restart and when it came back it had less battery than before. So even though I...
  4. JimmyR

    POCO F3. Banking apps on stable ROM with MIUI 13.

    In my POCO F3 I have the global ROM, in most of the pages and videos that I have consulted they mention that installing greatly improves the different sections of the device, so I want to proceed to install this ROM in its latest stable version with MIUI 13. But I am concerned that I...
  5. T

    New Problem with themes app

    Im using a mi 11 lite with miui 12.5.8 living in Oman. I don't have themes app in my region so as most us all did i change my phone's region to other countries like india. But then when i change my theme to any other theme that i downloaded just after a few hours(at most 1 hour to half hours)...
  6. 2

    Xiaomi Mi 11T conectivity issue with Android Auto

    Hi all. Please help. I recently bought a new phone, an Mi 11T, then, when i try to connect to Android Auto it works, but it deconnects automatically after 1 or 2 minutes. This "game" with auto connecting and deconnecting is happening till i stop it. It` doesn`t matter the method of conectivity...
  7. ImFIlippo

    HDR on Mi Pad 5 doesn't work as it should

    Hi guys, I've tried to watch some movies with HDR (1080 and UHD movies) but the image is really really dark even on max brightness level in a dark room; I've tried both Plex and MX Player Pro but still nothing, even the HDR videos on YouTube are very dark. Also I am sure that the HDR of the...
  8. B

    Pad 5 Widevine L1/L3

    Good morning everyone, I bought 3 days ago a Mi Pad 5 in Italy and I used with Netflix and Prime in HD without a problem. Today, while I was using Netflix, the app chrashed with an error (516 or something, it disappeared fast) and now I can't see anymore in HD on Netflix and neither on Prime. On...
  9. Tades

    Mi Laser Projector 150" Wi-fi Not Connected Problem

    Hi, The device gives a no connection warning when we provide internet connection via wifi. When I checked it shows wifi connected but no internet access. I reset the network settings, tested with a different mobile network, but no change. Can you help me? Thanks.
  10. T

    PRoblems with smart compact projectr: Turns off after 20 sec.

    Hi, my smart compact projector turns off about 20sec after turning it on. The power indicator lights up, starts to blink after some sec and then the projector turns off. Its all I can di with the projector. I bought the projector on march 20, so its only 18 Months old. Are there any...
  11. vlados

    MIUI 12.5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch problem

    Hello guys, I have Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R800NZSAXAR) and every-time the connection is lost between the phone and the watch I need to open the Wear app and approve all the permissions. I already tried hard resetting
  12. B

    [solved] [huawei p10lite][redmi 9 pro] Mi Mover problem

    I would like to clone my old huawei p10 lite phone to redmi 9 pro and I get a message. the application is on one and the other phone in the latest version. What to do?
  13. S

    Can not connect via USB to computer anymore, but 3 times USB connection option and USB notification gone

    Hello everybody, I have 2 problems with my Xiaomi mi 10T lite: 1) the main problem is that I am no longer able to connect my phone to my computer via USB. It worked at first without problems for about a month after I bought the phone! But for no reason (after the phone downloaded a system...
  14. SandmanRF

    Poco X3 NFC Black Screen of death the same day I bought it

    Hi, i just bought a Poco X3 NFC 128Gb, after 3 hours of use, you know, initial config, app downloading, sing in, etc. I put the phone into my pocket and five minutes later when i tried to unlock it, the phone was death, not responding to anything, i tried to connect charger but nothing happened...
  15. B

    New Dowloanded and attached files bug

    Good morning everyone, I'm going crazy with a problem on my Mi 10. When I download a file from a browser, an app or a mail and I click on the notification (of ended dowload) it doesn't open the menu for selecting the app i want to open with but ,instead, it open a "Share" menu like the file...
  16. K

    MI projector problem with temperature sensor

    Recently bought an MI projector. Within a week or developed problem with temperature sensor. Shuts down within 5 minutes of turning on. Not getting help from local mi store. Kindly advice
  17. N

    New Battery Issue after Update

    Hello Everyone. ;) Im new in the thread and need some help. Can someone explain why my Battery is draining so much ? After the Update i can use the device only for 3 or 4 hours to start charging it. With the Version 12.0.5 was everything fine. After the Update to 12.0.6 i got this: Device...
  18. M

    New Animations failing

    My mi 9 doesn't always have these screen unlock animations, sometimes it works and sometimes just the wallpaper that makes the effect. I've tried to install different versions of Mi launcher and it doesn't change anything. Can anyone help? I still thought it was a MIUI.EU problem, so I moved to...
  19. F

    New a problem with colors on xiaomi mi 9t pro, after updating to version 12 of the firmware, here is such a problem with colors, tried to reinstall but t

    after installing version 12 of the firmware, problems with colors appeared, nothing helps, the latest firmware version is installed
  20. M

    New Miui12 calls with redmi note 7

    Hi guys, I'm new on the forum, about a week ago I flashed my redmi note 7 putting the miui 12, I found several bugs but unfortunately one compromises the functioning of the phone itself. By making a call it is only possible to listen but whoever is on the other side will not hear anything. I...