redmi pro

  1. D

    Fix Deep Sleep in Standby Mode. Battery Drain Solution

    Have anyone tried this solution? Is that legit or will it change my phone into toster? The file is here.
  2. D

    Invalid Redmi Pro - MIUI (stable) - gallery not working

    After upgrade of Redmi Pro to MIUI stable) the Gallery stoped working. It does not start at all. Is there a way to fix this? It works fine with MIUI 9.1.3.
  3. L

    is MTP required in installing TWRP in Redmi Pro?

    Hello, I just want to ask if MTP important in installing TWRP in my Redmi Pro? I am using Redmi Pro 3gb/64gb version and I want to install multi ROM 8.9.20_v10-6.0, but everytime I try to install USB debugging there's a problem saying "not successfully installed", also my pc cant recognize any...
  4. P

    New Redmi Pro India Volte not working

    in redmi pro when we put only one sim then volte work perfect but when we put 2 sim the volte not working please solve this issue
  5. S

    What is the best ROM for Battery ?

    Eu gostaria de um Rom estável, use como dispositivo principal. então eu não posso continuar mudando e testando todos os ROMs. Qual melhor bateria estável e boa Rom?
  6. A

    New [redmi Pro] 8.3.8 Beta Weekly - Mi Remote

    Good day! I am unable to update the Mi Remote app installed on my phone, even when there is an update on the Play Store. I also tried to install the said update from other sources with no luck. The current Mi Remote (v4.5.7) cannot save the remote for my AC, but it can be powered on and off...
  7. G

    Does Xiaomi Eu Rom Receive Ota Updates ??

    Does xiaomi eu rom receive ota updates ???
  8. SN_47

    New [hm-pro / Stable] Bluetooth Headset Bug

    Hello, I try to have help on the forum because after a week to try many things, I have no more idea to find a solution to my problem. Last week, I updated my Xiaomi Redmi Pro to the last ROM stable version available (xiaomi.eu_multi_HMPro_V8.5.3.0.MHQCNED) and since then, I am unable to use...
  9. Nil Serra

    Install Oficial Rom Redmi Pro

    Hi eveyone, I have recently bought a Redmi Pro and it has a fake rom, so I would like to install the oficial xiaomi rom. Is it possible to install it via updater? If not, could someone explain me how can I install the oficial stable rom in a secure mode? Thanks
  10. M

    Miui Stable Roms ( - Where Are They?

    I've been looking for Stable Roms for our beast Redmi pro and I found only one ( I was thinking if the Rom Development for Omega has been stopped but in Beta Roms we can find the most recent (7.5.18). So, in my modest opinion, there are some problems related with omega's...
  11. P

    Fm Radio Does Not Work

    Hello friends my english is not very good I have a consultation and I hope they can help me, the FM radio does not work on my cell phone try to reinstall the apk but it still does not work. I hope you can help me, I have the weekly ROM 7.4.20. I leave the link of a video
  12. C

    Problem At Redmi Pro 3/64 After Used Maui Meta (bootloop)

    1-Phone Reciving 06/April/2017 after unboxing power on and update 8.1.2 stable rom finish update >lost imei phone 2-You are using program (Maui META ver 9.1604.02.00) after finish edit Imei phone is dead >>>show mi logo and restart 3-i did something flash via sp flash version (5.1636 / 5.1708 /...
  13. D

    Redmi Pro Bricked By Twrp

    Hello, I got a Redmi Pro and the newest China Developer Rom flashed on it. So far without Problems. Unlock was also no Problem at all. But if I install TWRP (by hand or with the tool from **************) it reboots into TWRP but all the folders available are empty (no update data, even if I...
  14. Rasul

    Flickering Screen

    Hi guys, hope you're doing fine. A few weeks ago I flashed MIUI 8.3 (by, v7.3.9 beta) on my Redmi Pro. Today i noticed that my screen is flickering. I don't know how do describe it exactly, but it looks like those neon light advertisements where a sign is repeatedly turned on and off...
  15. asianyan

    Noise Cancelling Cancels Out My Voice

    Whenever I'm making a call, the other person says it sounds like I'm under water or far away from the mic. I've googled it up and found several forum posts about this. The problem is the noise cancelling. I have not found a thread with this problem on the Redmi Pro yet. Is there a possibility...
  16. LAL007

    Twrp Recovery Error

    When my phone arrived it had a fake global ROM I flashed china stable ROM 8.1 after Flashing stable china ROM,when I try to flash twrp with adb fastboot method ,after ''fastboot.exe boot recovery recovery.img'' it says ''unable to load recovery ''I have copied the recovery file to ;C/adb and...
  17. E

    Redmi Pro Dead After Update

    i was on 7.3.16 and my phone came overheated, so hat that i can cook an egg on it. then i just turn it of but the phone doesn't turn on. it doesn't make any try to turn on or something. is totally dead. is there any way to do something about?? because i love my phone and i miss it :( if i can...
  18. E

    Google Apps (youtube And Maps) Crashing

    Receive the phone today. All work well except google apps youtube and maps. They open but keep crashing. Stable rom 8.1 stable Thk you
  19. G

    Help Me Find Usb Charge Board For Redmi Pro

    I need to change the PCB (charging board) of my Redmi pro but couldn't find such spare part anywhere on the net. If someone could help, please.
  20. F

    Is There A Multi-langage Rom For Sp-flash Tools ?

    Hello all, After a root attempt that went wrong, I was forced to flash my redmi pro with a spflashtools Chinese rom. My bootloader is closed and I have only the Chinese translation on my phone. It's a hell. Is there a multilanguage rom that is flashable by spflash tools? if you have a link...