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  1. M

    Rom for Redmi Note 9 EU please

    I need rom for my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, V12.5.9.0.RJOEUVF, i can only find wihtout the VF at the final.
  2. Project_DeloS

    Problems installing rom .eu via twrp, it only works for me via fastboot

    Install on mi xiaomi 11 ultra. I couldn't do it through twrp following the guide, it gave me errors, I could do it with the easy installation rom via fastboot. The problem is that now an update skips and I can't update, in twrp it gives me an error. Isn't there an easy update mode via...
  3. D

    Updating through settings on Redmi Note 10 pro

    I was wondering if I'm able to install a recovery ROM using the "additional update features" in the built-in updater for miui instead of TWRP or other recovery software, will Xiaomi let me install your ROM with that built-in option?
  4. C

    Recomendaciones para gestor de aplicaciones

    Buenas, quisiera saber si existe alguna forma de poder actualizar las aplicaciones del sistema en la rom eu global para el Xiaomi 11t pro, quizá existe alguna app o un centro de apks en dónde se puedan examinar todas ellas y elegir la mejor versión. Quedo atento a comentarios
  5. K

    I can't find the zip file of rom in TWRP (Poco F3)

    Hello, I'm new to installing rom and I'm having a slight problem with the installation process. I followed the short guide under the stable ROMs post and I'm stuck at the part where I need to locate the zip file in my phone's internal storage via TWRP. I double checked that it's in the...
  6. Rekwass

    Invalid [CLOSED] I can't install any version on MI 8 SE with TWRP

    I recently wanted to install a new version on my Mi 8 SE. It is currently on MIUI 10.3 but I was never able to automatically check for updates. So I decided to do it with TWRP, I followed this guide but at the step 5 I started running into problems... When I type 'fastboot devices' I get this...
  7. Mezomix

    Mi 11 Ultra stuck with only fastboot

    Hi good morning, I got the Mi 11 Ultra with Chinese ROM, I waited the 7 days and I unlocked the bootloader, I installed the TWRP and then tried to flash the Last stable Ver. of, afterward, I am stuck with only the fastboot menu. I have tried to reinstall the TWRP but it does not work...
  8. K

    Why did you delete the redmi note 9s rom?

    guys, I downloaded ROM for Redmi Note 9S yesterday at 1am, but this morning I accidentally noticed that this ROM was deleted. But I can't find the reason for this, so why was it removed?
  9. M

    How to Update Mi EU

    I installed Mi Eu From Fastboot mode Because TWRP can't Wipe And Install My Custom Rom. (MY PHONE FREEZE ON FASTBOOT) Now, I am On MiUi 12.0.2 and I am using Currently Version (check from Updater app ) but when I check on, I see 12.0.8 for My phone, How to Update to Lastest version...
  10. H

    Miui 12 volume control (like on xiaomi mi note 3)

    Hello, i loved the highly accurate volume control of music playback from xiaomi mi note 3. I would ask if this feature like on the mi note 3 rom are just a option i can set in settings.On the current stable rom release (V12.2.2.0.RJACNXM - stable) its just unsatisfiyng and would ask if you can...
  11. M

    FIXED! Mi 10T lite lag after I accidentally set ro reinstall again original version 12.0.1. eu

    FIXED! I did first located the problem.. the thing was that some apps did not shown120Hz mode.. then I did found a precise problem on youtube, I restored the refresh rate to 60Hz, went into the application settings and went through the application data for battery consumption, deleted all data...
  12. C

    Resolved Mi note 10 lite miui 12 phone call screen error

    In the mi note 10 lite eu stable rom from the new miui 12 update, the search screen does not appear in incoming calls. The phone rings but the call screen is not displayed. I cannot answer incoming calls, click return to call, but no results.
  13. I

    Last stable rom is from quite a while ago

    Hi, I wanted to move from the stable official rom to a stable rom of for my mi9, but I have seen that the last stable rom for my mobile is March. Do you know if you still have the latest android security patches? Is more recomendable the stable or the weekly? Thank you.