1. R

    Oled screen Mi 10 Ultra

    hello, Its happened after 10 month of good endurance, the oled screen broken of my Mi 10 Ultra I want to order one but found many websites and as it an oled screen, i want to get a genuine one with same quality. Any advice on website i should check ? And if there is any thing i should know...
  2. K

    Dnd mode - screen not waking up on incoming calls

    Hello, I am not sure if it is a bug or intention, but when I turn my do not disturb mode on, the screen will remain black whether I get calls or any notifications. I would like to have mode with silenced ringing and vibrations without having to go to the menu, just with single tap like I used...
  3. Baru Taisia

    New My screen lags when I scroll down or type

    Hello, since a few weeks I've been having some problems with my xiaomi note 10 lite screen - it won't let me scroll easily. Everything else works properly - my apps don't lag, they don't randomly close, the only issue is touching screen. The mobile is new, bought new in December 2020, not...
  4. J

    Annoying black fade at bottom of screen

    Hi there, I've attached a picture. Does anyone know how to get rid of this annoying black fade effect that all of a sudden appeared at the bottom of my screen? I'm on a poco f2 pro. Regards!
  5. J

    The screen locks itself (Mi 10)

    When I use the device, there are times when the screen turns off on its own for 3 seconds and forces me to place my fingerprint to unlock it. It is happening to me very often and the device is cold. I currently have version 12.2.9, I tried with previous versions and the problem continues
  6. N


    xiaomi eu your splash screen is to old versiyon. miui 12.5 and android 11 but splash screen is same miui 9. i dislike that roms . can you fix it splash screen?
  7. gvarph006

    Screen turning yellow when looking at white content.

    I've been having having an issue with my mi9 after the last MIUI12 update. The screen turns yellow when open something that makes majority of the pixels on my screen white. I have tried playing with reading mode but that only makes it more yellow, color profile is set to standard and...
  8. L

    New Mi9SE screen contrast changes at lock screen.

    Hello. I defined my Mi9SE contrast and colors setting to the default option. But, everytime i am at lockscreen, the contrast is very high compared to the home screen. ROM version: 20.1.9
  9. Wenawena

    [REQUEST] DC Dimming

    Can DC Dimming (Anti-Flicker) be added to Mi9T/K20 via update? While in low brightness black app interfaces leave blueish trails when they move and it's very annoying... Is there any hardware reason for which the pro version has it and the standard doesn't?
  10. A

    Invalid Mi 9T Pro Screen rotation and Proximity sensor

    In my Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro the proximity sensor error happens when answering the call, listening to audios, etc. the screen does not turn off, when I turn on the screen I always get the message of “not covering the area…” when I don't even have my hand in that area. Another problem that seems very...
  11. AndyIreland

    Looks like the LCD screen is going faulty on my Redmi Note 5

    I am writing this on 17th November 2019 and the manufacturers one year warranty runs out on 20th November 2019 , so its cutting it fine but it looks like my LCD screen is starting to fail. out of the blue starting yesterday now when I turn on my Redmi Note 5 (whyred) after about 10 seconds the...
  12. B

    Help! I think I killed my 9T Pro by messing with the developer options!

    So I'm an idiot. Was messing around with the dev options in my MI 9T Pro and came across one that said "max DPI" or something to this extent.It was set at 392. I reduced it a couple of times and noticed that the screen was getting smaller, I.E the lettering was getting bigger. The minimum it...
  13. F

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 screen replacement

    Hi all, I have a Redmi Note 7 buyed by internet. I'm form Portugal and I buy the mobile from Camboja/China, Global Version. Now I broke the screen and I need to replace it. I already goes to the xiaomi official store here but they don't repair it because of it being not european - she says the...
  14. R

    New Screen doesn't always wake up on Mi 8

    When unlocking the phone with the fingerprint sensor, the screen does not always wake up.
  15. M

    New Can't turn off reading mode on Mi 9

    It's been a week since I installed MIUI.EU (9.5.23) on my newly acquired Mi 9, and I'm loving very much, even my battery life is lasting longer! But there is something that have been bothering me: I can't turn off the reading mode. I mean, it actually is off on the settings, but it's not de...
  16. vlachorumsapiens

    Akashi Glass (Screen Protector)

    From everything I've seen so far regarding screen protectors for the Redmi Note 7/Pro, it appears the glass manufactured by GlazedInc is the very best. It offers very good edge-to-edge protection, but unfortunately it's only available for the Indian market. However I've found a really good...
  17. kännykkä

    Mi Pad 4 ghost touches

    Having some ghost touches when opening the device. They usually disappear after a while. Anyone else having this problem and are there any fixes? Using MIUI 10 global 9.3.28
  18. P

    Note 4 screen problem

    I got this problem on my xiaomi rermi note 4 even when i replace my old screen with a new one any ideas what causing that issue
  19. Daenjel

    Invalid Display not fully used / "cutted" on the Pocophone F1

    I found a "bug" if is that a way to call it; there's unused screen area near the notch and bottom areas that always just stays black (tiny, right near the bezels.) If you go to the settings>Additional Settings>Accessibility and then you change the display size from "Default" to "Large" you'll...
  20. C

    Phone screen wakes up around once an hour on its own? Help?

    Hi there, I installed the latest stable (OEICNFH) for whyred, and I noticed that after a completely clean install, the phone seems to "wake up" around once an hour as if I touched the home button. I've done another CLEAN flash (wiping everything), and left it there and still it...