1. M

    Problem with the gamepad on the miui 12.5 resolved!

    Finally, after messing around with the Miui 12.5 accessibility settings a lot, I disabled all shortcuts within all accessibility options. It worked for me, and I believe it will work for you. Anything that says "shortcut" in accessibility, talkback, and other options, disable it.
  2. D

    [Solved][Mi 9] Help troubleshooting call problems

    Hey there. Recently I’ve encountered a problem which I haven’t really been able to troubleshoot. When I try to make a call I receive the following error message: “Mobile network not available.” I can receive calls and send text messages. I did a factory reset and my problem was solved until 3...
  3. adrenochrome

    [solved] [8.12.27] on Mi8, light/torch is not turning on

    Hi, using last weekly, the flashlight refuse to turn on using notifications shortcuts (the icon stay disabled), same from lockscreen + left menu it's not broken since it the camera flash is functional i didnt find any report about this problem, so is there an easy way to fix this ? thanks in...
  4. C

    Some strange problem after factory reset/update

    Hi I have some problems after (factory reset/update)(i update phone after first start up) When I first time started my phone (mi mix 2)i go through setup wizard where i choose Croatian language as system default. And by the end of setup there are option to chose themes default or Limitless...
  5. S

    [solved]charging Problem

    Hello, after installation (and many other problem), my tablet has battery problem. - it always seems in charge event unplugged - when plugged it did'nt charge (battery not increase) - when I go in setting/battery there is no graph I think I can delete a file of battery log to...
  6. P

    New Manual Network Search (lte ?)

    Hi, I am new, just got my Redmi 4x Global and unlocked. First I tried the original rom, which worked fine. I could switch with sim cards. With 6.xx stable no problems. With 7.xx I am having problems with sim cards. If I try to search gsm network manually, the phone goes off. This also happens...
  7. CosmicDan

    [solved] "internal Storage Running Out" Notification After Clean Flash

    Getting a constant nag notification "Internal Storage Running Out" only in firmware after CLEAN flash. My settings clearly shows internal storage has ~10GB free space, but lots of things just refuse to work e.g. Play Store downloads because it thinks the device is full. Here is how I...
  8. Gr33n C0d3r

    Help Wanted - Update Redmi 3 Pro Rom

    Hello everyone, i'm new at the forum and a new owner of a Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro. My phone has installed 'MIUI 8 by 6.7.7 | Beta' The phone is bootloader unlocked. I want to update the ROM. I've downloaded '' from the ROMs download area. I've placed...
  9. A

    [solved] From Rom To Official Global Stable Rom

    Hi all, I know this may be asked a thousand times, but I searched on the forum and checked the sticky posts and before proceeding I still have doubts, and I would like not to brick my phone. I have a MiMax 32GB with unlocked bootloader, currently running the 6.6.30 MIUI 8 ROM. I...