1. C

    MIUI overrides notification sound of apps to the default notification sound

    Hi, I have MIUI13 (upgraded from 12.x) on my MI11T Pro. Normally every app has its own notification sound. But on my phone every app uses the default notification sound from sound settings. How can I turn off the unifying notification sound of each app?
  2. A

    New Sound problem during calls after Miui 12.5.3 installed.

    My Redmi Note 7 updated to Miui 12.5.3 on January 1st, and since the update I cannot hear anything when I call someone. They can hear me though and when they call me back I can hear them perfectly. So problem appears only on outgoing calls. Sometimes if I try and call same number again and...
  3. A

    Invalid Please help: No sound / video and screen recording on Mi 10. MAJOR BUG WARNING!

    Hello Xiaomi Community! Recently I encountered a major bug while using the built in screen recorder app on my Xiaomi Mi 10 phone. After using it twice (while having the system sounds option selected in the settings page of the app) my phone now no longer plays any sounds of any kinds be it...
  4. R

    sound settings not working miui12.5 android 11

    i can't acces my sound settings in the settings menu, it keeps force closing. while i can change the notification sounds in particular apps, I can't use the designed settings section to do it.
  5. O

    New [] [Pocophone F1] Bluetooth volume

    Changing volume with buttons on wireless headphones doesn't change system media volume, so for example if I wanted to listen at 50% volume I'd have to set that value both with my headphones and my phone. For now the only way to use Bluetooth headphones is to set volume on headphones on 100%...
  6. M


    Hi I have a problem with the volume of the headphones, the maximum volume is heard quite low. I have tried this: I have also tried to change region and even with third-party applications and I have not achieved anything. Thanks.
  7. Daenjel

    [Android Q] List of audio mods and how to make them fully work together!

    As the title says, I managed to get all of my 3 favorite audio mods working together, so I wanted to share how to accomplish this. Standard Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your device, YOU are choosing to make these modifications. First of all, you need Magisk...
  8. S

    Redmi Note 4x, call sound too loud

    Hi, I'm using the stable, but when i use the WhatsApp call the volume it's too loud, and it's even more loud when I use headphones. How can I decrease the volume during the calls, I read that I have to change values on the mixer_paths.xml, I hope you can help me.
  9. Y

    New Notification Sound with silent and dnd

    Hello, even if I have silent or dnd enabled, the notification sound is on until swipe the slider to the bottom at 0. In the screenshot you can see, the mode is dnd, but I get notification sound. Version: 9.7.4
  10. andrzejfashion

    Different ringtones for sms and system notifications

    Hello, will you help? I set a different ringtone for SMS notifications and another one as default system notifications. And it did not help? Still for each application - sms, Facebook, system notification - and so I have only one and the same sound - default. How to make it work ?? MIUI Global...
  11. D

    Redmi Note 7 Global Version audio quality in video?

    Hello..Does anyone have problems with video recording...When record loud music like in club or on concert there is so many crackling and sound is terrible... I'm using MIUI V10.2.3.0.PFGEUXM Redmi Note 7 Global version
  12. maksz

    Invalid Missing SMS Sound Setting

    The setting for SMS received sound is missing in sound settings. There are only ringtone, calendar and notification settings. Mi Max 3 MIUI 9.3.14
  13. maksz

    New Double Plug-In/Charging Sound

    When I connect the phone to the charger, the plug-in sound is played 2 times. Mi Max 3
  14. F

    Sound During Call

    Hi everyone, I'm new in the Xiaomi world and I started with this great machine, the Xiaomi Mi9. However, during calls the sound seems like getting out from the speaker and not going to the ear. Everybody can hear my call. Is this making any sense?
  15. T

    New No Alarm Clock sound!

    Hey there When I'm setting an Alarm at Stable or actual Beta (Redmi Note 5 Pro), there is NO Alarm Sound. I can do whatever I want, nothing helps. Why is this bug? When I install the Google Clock and use their Alarm, everything works... Thanks for your help.
  16. D

    New Bug Of Sound By Headphones In The Game

    Xiaomi Mi 6 8.4.4 Download log: When talking in Google Duo and the Pubg game miraculously, the Xiaomi Type C ANC headphones are turned off and the sound goes to the speaker
  17. Z

    New Camera Shutter Sound Even Though In Silent Mode

    I had this problem from the start when I was first using my xiaomi mi4, then switch to mi4c and now using mi max 2. All of them have this same issues where the camera shutter still makes a click sound when taking pictures in Whatsapp & Instagram even though my phone is in silent mode. I have...
  18. K

    New Fresh Notification And Mi Sound

    It's been a lot of weeklies that, even if I set a different sound for notifications, it come back to the one called "Fresh", after a day or a few hours. Also, it's disappeared the Mi Sound notification badge that usually pops up after I plugged the jack of a pair of earphones. Now it's a bit...
  19. Multed

    New Bug: Turn Off Notification Sounds But Hear Ringer

    Hi! I consider it a bug to not being able to turn off the notification sounds but leave the ringer (phone call) turned on. This is a usual setup for several other phones. I really need this while at work. I need to hear when someone calls but the notifications gets annoying in the office...
  20. Undefinedx7

    End Call Loud Bio Sound

    Hello, I have a annoying biip sound at end of call and I was wondering if it was possible to disable it. Mi 5s ROM Thank you for helping