New Xiaomi Redmi Note 11Pro Video Sound Problem


Jan 18, 2023
Hello, I have a redmi note 11, When I shoot a video with the long video option on this phone, the sounds are muffled but when I shoot a video with the short video option, the sound is very clear and beautiful, Or the long videos I shoot using the dolby on app also sound good. but when i shoot video from snapchat, the sound is muffled because the phone uses its own camera. I want to change the default camera and make it open camera app because when I set the microphone on the open camera app and make it microphone setting unprocessed, the video sound is very clear, but the open camera app does not appear in the default camera settings.

I think there are two ways to solve the error, the first is to turn off the noise canceling feature while recording video or to set the open camera app as the default camera (open camera app does not work when I try to set it as default) but I don't know how to solve both.

Can you please help me how to solve this error i get
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