1. T

    Invalid There is no "Remove text from widgets" option in "Home screen" settings, but it shows up in search

    How I said, there is no "Remove text from widgets" option in "Home screen" settings, but it shows up in search ROM: xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote11_V14.0.3.0.TGKMIXM_v14-13 Device: Redmi Note 11 NFC (spesn) Proof:
  2. Lopolin

    [RESOLVED] should I be concerned by the output message "script succeeded: result was [256]"?

    It's my first time Installing a custom ROM, I chose the Stable ROM. I have a POCO X3 Pro (vayu) and installed TWRP 3.6.2 to then Flash MIUI14.0.3.0. I was switching from MIUI Global 12.0.5 (or was it I have encountered a few issues along the way and probably did a...
  3. A

    New Wifi isn't working on Mi 11 lite 5G (renoir) after upgrading to

    I just upgraded my Mi 11 lite 5G from stable previous release to stable and I cant turn on wifi it just doesn't work
  4. akudja

    New Bugs on Xiaomi 13 Stable

    - can't login to instagram or instander (some network error) UPD: resolved, the problem was with VPN services - crashing desktop: there is any single icon on desktop open all apps (swipe up), choose some app and drag and drop it on any app on desktop (not in folder) to create folder
  5. J

    New Redmi note 11 (spes) v13.0.5 bugs i found so far.

    While having an ongoing video call, there are shadows on the edge of my front camera punch hole that's meant to not capture pixel lights on my camera. but as i have observed, the punchole shadow is inconsistent, and is only enabled on its own apps. instant apps doesn't work. when opening a link...
  6. C

    New Wi-fi doesn't turn on in my Mi 11 (miui13 stable)

    Hi i've already installed v13.0.8 in my Mi 11 and for months it works great but suddenly my wifi doesn't turn on, also i cannot share wifi, it said error. Hopefully someone know what's the problem, if not i'll have to wait for the next stable update and see if that fix it. I attach some screenshots.
  7. JimmyR

    POCO F3. Banking apps on stable ROM with MIUI 13.

    In my POCO F3 I have the global ROM, in most of the pages and videos that I have consulted they mention that installing greatly improves the different sections of the device, so I want to proceed to install this ROM in its latest stable version with MIUI 13. But I am concerned that I...

    New [Bug report] App animations not fluid, Camera shutter lag, Updater keeps crashing and more!

    Hello, Everyone! I found some bugs on the ROM on my Redmi 9T! I flashed because I want to try out MiUI 12.5 Enhanced since in Stock ROM, I don't seem to have the update. But, I noticed that when I open apps, there's no animation but when closing it, Its animation is like...
  9. G


    Hi guys. I have a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G. Once the weekly has been installed, how do you switch to the stable? Because I notice that in the weekly updates at least one bug a week I find it Do I just install it via fastboot like I did with the rom weekly? Nothing changes? Is it the same...
  10. StormDoc18

    Audio problem with latest stable- 12.5.3/12.5.4/12.5.5- poco x3 pro

    hi guys! Here my problem: my telegram audios recorded from telegram with headphones (with jack 3.5) are heard very low. I tried different headphones (iphones too) but nothing. On the other hand, with headphones without cables and without headphones, it feels very good.... Any advice? Screnshot...
  11. K

    Invalid POCO F3 Language

    Hi there. I have a problem that the language in the menu is not Hungarian everywhere. This problem is present in both stable and weekly software. Can anyone help me fix this? (present in several places but I didn't want to attach them all)
  12. D

    pokemón Masters EX Does not start

    As the title says, when trying to start the game downloaded from Google play, it does not start, which was not the case with the official ROM of the phone. Any suggestion?. Sorry English is not my native language.
  13. famedigiga

    New ANT+ Xiaomi Mi 10

    Hi, ANT+ doesn't work anymore on Mi 10(MIUI by RJBCNXM Stable)
  14. H

    Mi Mix2S MIUI latest update

    Hi guys. I got a quick question regarding MIUI update. Im currently using the last beta version which is MIUI 12.1 WEEKLY 20.9.4 Beta dated back on September 2020. Based on my quick search i found that the latest stable version is on April...
  15. coldhand25

    Pretty new to Xiaomi EU, how stable it is, how well does it work in Mi Note 10 Lite? (And some other minor questions)

    So, I've only just learned about Xiaomi EU, and I'm not quite sure if I understand everything about it correctly. So as far as I understand Xiaomi EU is based on the Chinese ROM - but, Google services are enabled. That's correct? Can I use any Google app, like phone, messages, gmail, pay...
  16. somactoth

    RN8 MIUI12.5 ROM for RN8T

    Hey everybody! Is the Android 11 MIUI 12.5 ROM for ginkgo Note 8t good to install for the Note 8T? There's almost no difference between the two phones. If not, is a 12.5 MIUI ROM for the 8T? Thanks!
  17. A

    New redmi k20/Mi 9T, 5Ghz hotspot on latest 2021 Stable

    cant turn on 5GHz hotspot!!! This bug appears again after android 11 stable update but turning on 5Ghz hotspot doesn't gives any errors but it simply makes a typical 2.4Ghz hotspot My region is australia but doesnt work after changing it to France ,.... too as u can see in the screenshot it...
  18. HerrJohnssen

    Going from stable to weekly without formatting data?

    Can I switch from stable to weekly withcout needing to format data? Will just wiping dalvic and cache work? I have RJKCNXM on my K30 Pro if that is important
  19. M

    Regions Change

    I want to change regions on setting. How can I change regions on eu 12.8.0 stable?
  20. PaboJack

    MI 10 Ultra EU ROM STABLE V12.0.10.0.QJJCNXM issues

    Hi all, i am using Mi 10 Ultra with EU rom stable. I found couple of problem: 1. Super wallpaper unable to load earth and mars. When i select other wallpaper, it will load for a long time and fail eventually. 2. Game Turbo GPU Driver Updater cannot be pressed, and it is different from what...