New Redmi note 11 (spes) v13.0.5 bugs i found so far.


Nov 20, 2022
While having an ongoing video call, there are shadows on the edge of my front camera punch hole that's meant to not capture pixel lights on my camera. but as i have observed, the punchole shadow is inconsistent, and is only enabled on its own apps.

instant apps doesn't work.
when opening a link in my google app, it directly opens in my browser instead of apps that can open specific links, like youtube, facebook, reddit, and such. regardless if i have instant apps enabled or disabled in both my gmail accounts and my phone.

screen flickering in low brightness level is like day and night, it hurts the eyes, mainly due to adaptive refresh rate.
can be fixed if there's force refresh rate static settings in developer's option. but sadly, it doesn't have one.

if you can enable 1080p 60fps recording feature in camera app, thank you. (xiaomi disabled it even though SD680 can perform 1080p 60fps video recording as per mentioned in their website, and idk why)

so far am satisfied to team works, just minor inconviniences.
thank you for all the hard work, and many thanks in the near future!