1. C

    China theme store

    I flashed my redmi note 10 pro to the eu version of miui 13.0.7. It's great but the themes app is in Chinese and I can't import mtz files. AAnybody with a solution?
  2. C

    New Erro get0rder 20003

    Hi, Sorry when i try to download a font from themes this error appear. I'm on last weekly for poco f3/redmi k40/mi 11x
  3. T

    Invalid Problem with themes app

    Im using a mi 11 lite with miui 12.5.8 living in Oman. I don't have themes app in my region so as most us all did i change my phone's region to other countries like india. But then when i change my theme to any other theme that i downloaded just after a few hours(at most 1 hour to half hours)...
  4. Flacito

    How to revert to default icons

    Through the 'Themes' app, I installed new icons. Is it possible to revert to the default icons? If so, how?
  5. M

    Invalid themes crashing miui 10 rn5a

    So i got ugglite (redmi note 5a 2gb) and i just installed rom (didnt bother installing it sooner cause i actually liked the global miui 11, compared to miui 10) cause my global rom was unusable at this point, and wanted to finally try, but i encountered few...
  6. K

    Invalid Homescreen icons bugged

    So, last night my Redmi 7a updated to android 10. After the update, I noticed that the icons were malfunctioning. I thought maybe the themes were outdated, but no themes are actually working. And the icons look so off, as if they're solid JPGs instead of PNGs with transparent backgrounds. The...
  7. Poney70

    How-to install global "Themes" app

    Hello! Here you can download and install global "Themes" app on ROM if you want it. ;) IMPORTANT: In global version, you can only download "Themes" and "Wallpapers". INFO: You can't update the app with the "internal" updater in app settings, on ROMs. N.B.: If you get...
  8. masih_zh themes

    hi on ver 9.1.24 miui themes cant change quick setting? how to solve it ? mi 8 -9.1.24 rom rooted with magisk
  9. Fadamaka

    New Mi4c 7.4.27 Merge Themes Bug

    In the default email client, emails are always merged by themes, no matter the settings.
  10. H

    New Bug In Themes App.

    Greetings. If download some widget from any place and import it to themes APP. It imports OK, preview Ok, but after aplly - nothings happen. I tryed 4 widgets and 3 were with same problem Step by step, i download MTZ file: Next i choose my widget BigClock_Standart.mtz Preview is fine But...
  11. I

    Miui Theme Manager Is Disabled

    Hello, I installed the "MIUI by 8.1 stabil" ROM to my Mi Pad2 and as I see the theme manager is installed but I cannot run it. There is no icon for it on the main screen and there is no other option to start it. Any suggestion? I attached a screenshot from the table...
  12. I

    Icons Size

    Dears, I need your help to reduce the icons size of stock theme. They are too big for me. I read many threads but at the end there is not solution up to now. Partial solutions are: Modify the build.prop file in order to change the display density. Not ok in my opinion becouse together with...
  13. Matija_Bambir

    Theme Goes Back To Default After A While?

    Hi, whichever theme i choose and apply after a while goes back to default one. Any solution? Using last developer version (6.9.8.) on Redmi note 4.
  14. A

    New Freezes After Changing Theme

    RedMi Note 2 16 Gb, MIUI v. 6.9.8 weekly Freezes after changing theme. I press apply, interface changes and near the 2-3 minutes it's freezes when I try to unlock phone. It freezes on second or third locking-unlocking. Disabling lock screen via developers menu didn't help Bug was in previous...
  15. federik

    Rom 7.1.3 Issue..

    I use your Rom 7.1.3 and on the China stable find 7.1.5 update, your version multilanguage don't find it.. Also there is a bug on theme app, disappear custom botton, in "China stable" a botton work fine..