Icons Size

Dec 27, 2016
I need your help to reduce the icons size of stock theme. They are too big for me.
I read many threads but at the end there is not solution up to now.

Partial solutions are:
  1. Modify the build.prop file in order to change the display density. Not ok in my opinion becouse together with icon size will be reduced all the objects and texts of phone, so I'll solve the problem of icons size but I'll get much more problems.
  2. find a theme in which the size of icons are smaller than stock one. The problem is find a them with this feature and with an icon set that I like. Almost impossible. If you know someone please share with me!
Do you have other solutions?

Do you know if exist some software that allow me to create new themes starting from one existing in order to modify the icons size?

Dec 7, 2016
If your phone is rooted, i think xposed will offer this option. I didn´t try it on xiaomi devices, but with my earlier HTCs i could change with xposed modules the number of apps on home screen from 4x5 or 5x5 or 5x6 and more without changing the resolution of the screen.
Oct 20, 2016
The xposed module/app xMIUI is perfect for this I have been using it since I rooted and not had a problem.