1. M

    Flash HyperOS weekly rom on a device that currently runs HyperOS stable rom

    Is it possible without format any data?
  2. O

    New HyperOS latest weekly rom (shennong) hold and swip on brightness bar in classic control center will vanish

    When I hold and swipe on the brightness bar, the bar vanish in about 0.5 second. This bug happens in unlock status, if in lock screen, the brightness bar functions, won't vanish.
  3. YazWare

    MIUI 14 Weekly ROMs for Dimensity-based devices / Public Release ?

    Hi the Xiaomi.eu team, Will the MIUI 14 weekly ROMs for phones with Dimensity chip be released publicly ? (Sorry for my bad English) Thanks in advance.
  4. C

    Invalid Bootloop

    Few days ago I did a update (I'm weekly) via skkk twrp, I was rooted, after flashed the pack and twrp i rebooted in recovery but my phone went in bootloop. After I noticed that i flashed skkk 2 times for error, the problem can be this or root? Or instead of flash current twrp I have to do...
  5. T

    Changing from latest weekly to older weekly update.

    If I want to change from the latest weekly update to an older weekly update should I always install as first installation or can I install as update? I tried updating only but what happened was that it had a message "wait until all apps or phone has been rebooted" and I could not open any app...
  6. G


    Hi guys. I have a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G. Once the Xiaomi.eu weekly has been installed, how do you switch to the stable? Because I notice that in the weekly updates at least one bug a week I find it Do I just install it via fastboot like I did with the rom weekly? Nothing changes? Is it the same...
  7. G

    MIUI 13

    Hi, I'd like to know if there Will be fastboot updates to MIUI 13 from 12.6 weekly rom without wiping all data. Thanks in Advance
  8. spikespaz02

    Magisk 23 patched boot.img not working on 21.11.12 for POCO F3

    I have flashed the latest MIUI 12 Weekly version 21.11.12 Beta via fastboot. I extracted the boot.img from the update package's images directory, transferred it to the phone, and patched it with the Magisk app. I returned the patched image to te computer, and flashed it to boot_a and boot_b with...
  9. S

    Mi 11 Ultra work profile

    Hello there, is there a work profile option in the xiaomi.eu ROM? Can't find it in the settings and I hate my iphone from my enterprise :D I'm on the newest weekly, no root. And if no, is it planned or implemented for A12 weekly?
  10. K

    Invalid POCO F3 Language

    Hi there. I have a problem that the language in the menu is not Hungarian everywhere. This problem is present in both stable and weekly software. Can anyone help me fix this? (present in several places but I didn't want to attach them all)
  11. abhi281

    Issue with latest weekly ROM

    Hello, I was looking to give a try to MIUI 12.5 based latest EU Weekly ROM (21.2.3) into my device. But even after a clean install (using latest Orange FOX recovery) it' was not booting. I had to wait for more than 30 minutes and still stuck at MIUI logo. Then I did a 'Format data' and then the...
  12. HerrJohnssen

    Going from stable to weekly without formatting data?

    Can I switch from xiaomi.eu stable to weekly withcout needing to format data? Will just wiping dalvic and cache work? I have xiaomi.eu RJKCNXM on my K30 Pro if that is important
  13. M

    New Fingerprint Scanner Animation Lags

    Hey, I updated my Xiaomi Mi 9T to the latest weekly update and I noticed that there are 4 new fingerprint scanner animations. I tried all the animations and all of them lagging. Video: https://streamable.com/m8bkce Version: 20.12.10
  14. F

    Where to find last weekly done for the Mi 8

    Hi, I need to download the last weekly done for the Mi 8 (20.9.4). Where can I foid it?
  15. T

    High RAM consumption

    Hello. I am using MIUI 12.1 Weekly ROM (20.6.18) in Redmi Note 5 pro (dual cam) and it is using between 60 and 75% when Idle so I have 1.5G free of 4. is it normal? when using the official MIUI 11 from Xiaomi i used to have 2 or 2 and something more or ram free.
  16. fabiogameri

    System bootloop TWRP

    Whenever I try to install the WEEKLY ROM my device starts in TWRP mode, I already did everything I could, Uninstall magisk, Format the data, EVERYTHING and my device keeps starting in TWRP mode with the WEEKLY rom, on the other hand the STABLE rom works normal , what could it be? Redmi Note 8...
  17. I

    Invalid [Mi 9] Pocket mode has dissapeared

    I have recently realize that pocket mode function is no more available in MIUI 11 weekly firmware since December versions. Why this functionality has been disabled? I think is a known issue in all 9 series and it is a must have functionality. Thanks.
  18. extpumajl

    New Mi9 | 20.1.4 | DND Bug

    I have noticed this issue a long time ago, just after release of the first MIUI 11 beta for Mi 9. Scheduled dnd turns off when you delete any app or delete app cache. Here is the video:
  19. K

    Invalid System wide dark mode not persisting

    Hi, I have the issue that when I reboot the device the system wide dark mode will not persist. I have to turn it off, kill all apps and turn it on again to make it work on all apps. Weekly 9.12.5 on Mi 9T. Many thanks for any hint!
  20. K

    Firewall for rooted device

    Hi everyone, does anybody recommend a firewall apk after installing xiaomi.eu weekly & root? Thanks for your comments on this!