Going from stable to weekly without formatting data?

Paul Johnssen

Oct 18, 2020
Can I switch from xiaomi.eu stable to weekly withcout needing to format data?
Will just wiping dalvic and cache work?

I have xiaomi.eu RJKCNXM on my K30 Pro if that is important
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Jul 26, 2021
Some people have tested to dirty flash weekly over stable and seems to work, but i guess a data wipe is highly recommended

Update: i just tested going from 12.5.4 Stable to 21.7.28 weekly in my Mi Note 10 (tucana) without deleting anything, it flashed ok but didn't work, got bootlooped and i had to Format Data anyways, so i say it depends on how the ROM is build or what TWRP are you using or even what phone you have.

But you can always make a backup of all your apps and settings with Xiaomi Cloud, and restore it after flashing weekly ROM
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