1. ntlkr

    New Package installer fails to install any app.

    As you can see in my screenshot, the package installer always returns a parsing error because the "packageInfo is null". This happens when trying to install any APK, no matter what size or source. What confuses me most, is that built-in installers like in Google Files work well though. Any...
  2. V

    New Play Protection Certification Error

    Hello, I noticed that EU rom on POCO X4 PRO 5G lost CTS certification as well as safetynet. Is this known and will it be resolved in the future?
  3. V

    New Google photos backup not working POCO X4 PRO 5G

    I have a problem with miui gallery and google photos not linking. when I try to turn on backups over google photos it says backup over google photos failed to be enabed. Its on the latest build. Does anybody know how to fix? Thanks in advance.
  4. B

    how can i install Xiaomi.eu on my beryllium poco f1

    hi i hope everything is fine my poco f1 is running on miui 12 global version but i would like to install Xiaomi.eu How can i do that ? thanks in advance.
  5. E

    HyperBoost on Xiaomi.eu

    Hello! I just got a Poco F5 and I'm on the process of unlocking the bootloader to install Xiaomi.eu. I know there are some features on the F5 specially for the Poco phone (namely HyperBoost which is supposed to increase touch resolution and performance for games) and I just wanted to know if...
  6. Y

    I want to buy Xiaomi 13 but not sure which ROM to get, please help me

    For reference I live in the UK, the Xiaomi 13 is available officially here with the official Global ROM but it costs £849. I can get the Chinese version of the phone imported to me for around £550 which is massively cheaper but the caveat here is that it runs the Chinese ROM which isn't the...
  7. V

    Extreme battery drain after updating.

    Hi yall, does anybody know how to fix this? I run xiaomi.eu on the POCO X4 PRO 5G, I updated this rom from to and after this update Im facing a huge battery life issue, especially over night where my phone can drain 20% of battery and when I look in the battery...
  8. V

    Lockscreen notification

    Hello. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with xiaomi.eu ( and when I turn on lockscreen notifications, they just dont show. Even in the notification tray there are no notifications until.I unlock my phone. Does anybody know how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  9. V

    Whats the deal with zygisk?

    Hello. I am on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with xiaomi.eu ROM installed and rooted via magisk. The problem is tho, that if I enable zygisk on magisk everything starts lagging and not working, when I turn it back off, everythink works just fine. Does anybody know why? Thank you.
  10. C

    Flashing xiaomi.eu rom for the first time

    My RN9S came with a MIUI 11 A10, can I flash a xiaomi.eu rom directly based on android 10 but its miui version is 12 and above, like 12.0.6. Pleaseeee this question has been bothering me a lot. Thanks in advance. [First timer :)].
  11. armin_olat

    Xiaomi 12 - Apps Crashing on Xiaomi.eu Stable Rom

    Hello! I installed the latest stable version of Xiaomi.eu on my Xiaomi 12 (MIUI TLCCNXM Stable). The ROM works great most of the time and I did not have issues up until 2 days ago. I was chatting with someone on Viber and, out of nowhere, the screen froze. I could swipe up to go back...
  12. Enyrox

    Switching from MIUI EEA to Xiaomi.eu without wiping my phone

    Hello, I bought a Mi 11 and it came with the Chinese version of MIUI. I put the EEA version of MIUI on my phone not long after with the MiFlash app and it wiped my phone. Now I've been using it for a few months and I'd like to use the xiaomi.eu rom. Is it possible to install the xiaomi.eu rom...
  13. E

    TWRP Bootloop / Can't flash to Xiaomi.eu V12.5.2

    Hello, [What I want] I want to flash my beloved MI 9T (with the popup-camera) from Stock-Rom MIUI 12.1.1 to Xiaomi.eu 12.5.2. My phone has an unlocked bootloader, but is not rooted. [the problem] After flashing TWRP and xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20MI9T_V12.5.2.0.RFJCNXM_v12-11.img, I am always caught...
  14. A

    Xiaomi.eu initially comes with root rights?

    When installing the firmware xiaomi.eu root rights are automatically enabled?
  15. A

    How it is xiaomi.eu in the Mi 9T Pro?/¿Que tal va xiaomi.eu en el Mi 9T Pro?

    Hi people. I've been thinking about trying xiaomi.eu in my Mi 9T Pro, and of course I want to know if it's better than the global rom, and if it's good or not, to be sure before flashing anything, And if answer is it is good, what version do you recommend to install? Thank you for the feedback :D
  16. M

    Enable SMS Sync

    Hi guys I have a Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse) and I'm trying to sync my sms messages with the cloud but I'm getting this error does anyone know how to fix?
  17. E

    can't install xiaomi.eu 12.5.10

    Hello everyone it's my first topic here. I bought a xiaomi mi 11 pro with xiaomi.eu rom installed , but when I download the update with the ota(like you see in the picture below,.zip) , I cannot find it when I open the twrp to install it , I dont see the fold. Please help, thanks
  18. A

    Installing Xiaomi.eu/TWRP on "branded" remdi note 9 pro

    Hi I own a european redmi note 9 Joyeuse, with a branded firmware by vodafone that was never updated by them (I'm still on MIUI 11.0.1, released april 22 2020...) V11.0.1.0.(QJZEUVF) 10 hours left to unlock the bootloader, here's my question can I safelly install twrp (so I can flash xiaomi.eu)...
  19. G

    Invalid bugs in xiaomi redmi note 7 for 21.3.3

    1) the name of device changed in SO-52A ( this is the name of Xperia 5 II) 2) the camera doesn't work with photo. When I click for the photo the smartphone frezees for 5 second and finally the photo deleted automatically
  20. jaskier

    How can I contribute to xiaomi.eu rom translations?

    Hello everyone; I live in Turkey. And I wonder how I can contribute to Xiaomi.EU's Turkish ROM translations. More precisely, can I contribute? :) I would be grateful for you to share with me any informational text or guide about contributing to translations. Thanks in advance. I wish healthy...