1. A

    Xiaomi.eu initially comes with root rights?

    When installing the firmware xiaomi.eu root rights are automatically enabled?
  2. A

    How it is xiaomi.eu in the Mi 9T Pro?/¿Que tal va xiaomi.eu en el Mi 9T Pro?

    Hi people. I've been thinking about trying xiaomi.eu in my Mi 9T Pro, and of course I want to know if it's better than the global rom, and if it's good or not, to be sure before flashing anything, And if answer is it is good, what version do you recommend to install? Thank you for the feedback :D
  3. M

    Enable SMS Sync

    Hi guys I have a Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse) and I'm trying to sync my sms messages with the cloud but I'm getting this error does anyone know how to fix?
  4. E

    can't install xiaomi.eu 12.5.10

    Hello everyone it's my first topic here. I bought a xiaomi mi 11 pro with xiaomi.eu rom installed , but when I download the update with the ota(like you see in the picture below,.zip) , I cannot find it when I open the twrp to install it , I dont see the fold. Please help, thanks
  5. A

    Installing Xiaomi.eu/TWRP on "branded" remdi note 9 pro

    Hi I own a european redmi note 9 Joyeuse, with a branded firmware by vodafone that was never updated by them (I'm still on MIUI 11.0.1, released april 22 2020...) V11.0.1.0.(QJZEUVF) 10 hours left to unlock the bootloader, here's my question can I safelly install twrp (so I can flash xiaomi.eu)...
  6. G

    Invalid bugs in xiaomi redmi note 7 for 21.3.3

    1) the name of device changed in SO-52A ( this is the name of Xperia 5 II) 2) the camera doesn't work with photo. When I click for the photo the smartphone frezees for 5 second and finally the photo deleted automatically
  7. jaskier

    How can I contribute to xiaomi.eu rom translations?

    Hello everyone; I live in Turkey. And I wonder how I can contribute to Xiaomi.EU's Turkish ROM translations. More precisely, can I contribute? :) I would be grateful for you to share with me any informational text or guide about contributing to translations. Thanks in advance. I wish healthy...
  8. M

    Xiaomi.eu - Mi 8 Lite

    A Hello good night, I need help with update from Xiaomi.eu.
  9. T

    XIAOMI.EU/CNXM to Global/MIXM Watermark Timestamp Format.. Is there a way?

    Guys.. is there a way to change date format from china/xiaomi.eu rom to make it global on camera timestamp watermark?
  10. W

    xiaomi.eu RSS Removed

    hi all! can someone please let US know if there 's a new and different URL [ internet address ] for RSS feed ? the one we used [ https://xiaomi.eu/community/forums/-/index.rss ] to populate xiao-mi.eu feed is no longer adding new posts. thanks' marcelo
  11. C

    Invalid Problem with gyro and proximity sensors when installing xiaomi.eu on my 9T

    About 3 days ago I installed Xiaomi.eu (11.0.6), and today I realized that I had removed the gyroscope and proximity sensors or at least it did not detect me, since I installed an application and none of the previous 2 recognize me , I realized when I wanted to watch a video on YouTube, when I...
  12. C

    Instalé MIUI 11 xiaomi.eu mi 9T y eliminó los sensores de giroscopio y proximidad

    Hace unos 3 días instalé Xiaomi.eu, y hoy me di cuenta, que había eliminado los sensores de giroscopio y proximidad o al menos no me detecta, ya que instalé una aplicación y no me reconoce ninguno de los 2 anteriores, me di cuenta cuando quería ver un vídeo en Youtube, cuando quería salir de un...
  13. M

    Invalid 9.12.5 Mi 6 - Color scheme does not work.

    As i try to change color to warmer , i I noticed that nothing change in colors. All options doesn't work.
  14. AidWil

    Updating Xiaomi.eu (Version - How To?

    Hi, I am very new to the whole custom ROM thing and I have been using Xiaomi.eu ROM on my Mi 8 and now my K20 Pro but I can't really find any information on updating that I understand. I would simply like to know how to update MIUI to the newest version of Xiaomi.eu. On the 'Updater' app I get...
  15. K

    Xiaomi.eu via XiaomiTool v2?

    Hello, I wanted to ask if someone has experience with flashing xiaomi.eu developer with the XiaomiTool v2 after unlock? Do I have to flash first the stable xiaomi.eu rom in order to not getting bricked? Many thanks for your feedback!
  16. L

    How this rom turn off physical buttons

    I use this rom (mi5s) some time ago and notice that I have in FSG(gestures) turn off physical buttons option (and it was very useful thx) my question - how you get this, how I can do such thing in other miui roms(I mean programmatically, not by use root solution apps)
  17. S

    New Please help me! My Mi 8 touch does not work.

    Please help me! My Mi8 touch does not work. I have a MI 8 for a few months, I had installed the weekly rom xiaomi.eu. After a restart i try to enter TWRP then the touch does not working. I go out of TWRP and start android (xiaomi.eu rom) but touch does not work. I made many attempts including...
  18. Dyzson

    Best ROM for Mi4 LTE

    Hey, i need help with choose best ROM for my Xiaomi Mi4 LTE. As you know Mi4 is EOL, i wanna find Stable ROM on MIUI 9. I would like it was created by Xiaomi.eu or Miuipolska.pl. The selected system will be permanently in the phone. I don't like ROM from en.miui.com I found only THIS ONE, but...
  19. jericho246

    Question for Mi Mix 3 EU rom users

    Does *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* work? I can't test it because I still have to wait 22 hours to unlock the bootloader. But I had some problems with China Stable ROM and *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*, because the *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* was very laggy. I had to install China Dev ROM in order to fix that. So has anyone tested *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* on EU Rom yet? Thanks in advance...
  20. T

    MI 8 SE: how to flash fake Chineese Rom to xiaomi.eu

    Hi all, I have an mi 8 se with moded rom by seller with English language and google store. How to change this rom to xiaomi.eu rom? Are steps on MIUI ROM Releases instructions enough for this? When turning on it says "unlocked" so i assume bootlader is unlocked. Thanks for Help!