1.10.8 battery drain DHD


May 16, 2011
Hi i have big battery drain with 1.10.8 and it was the same on 1.9.30 on DHD, but soon as you connect charger to your phone for a minute and disconect the drain stops. Must repeat this everytime i reboot my phone. Anyone with simmilar problems?
No i have had no problems at all with drain although it is a little too early to say for certain as yet with the latest version.
I did see on XDA that a lot of people have had problems since 1.9.30 but no problems here with stock kernel.

I have in the past though suffered from battery drain but this was only when trying different kernels or when undervolting, this was also a problem with Cyanogen as well.
I now always stick to stock kernel and have never had any drain problems since.