1.11.25 is killing my battery


Jul 17, 2011
Ever since updating over the weekend I've been getting horrible battery life. I literally lose at least 1% of battery for every minute that the screen is on. When I look at the running apps/services, the launcher is using 35 MB of ROM. Before the update it was in the 15% +/- range.
Last night I flashed back to 1.11.18 and am still having issues now that I didn't have last week. I took the phone off the charger at 8:00 this morning and less than 4 1/2 hours later I'm at 47%. Phone idle and cell standby account for over 50% of battery use.
I have the same issue here and something else...My device after sending a msg bootloop..:/ I switch back to 1.11.18 and now the messanging problem solved but battery life is cripy:/
anyone else still having this problem? for me it started with 1.11.25 and has continue through the current rom. Android System, Phone Idle and Cell Standby are murdering my battery.
Been seeing a lot of these complaints lately. I know there a problem with android media downloading tons of data while unattended--that drained my battery. Just read Theme Manager is not letting the device sleep and I wonder if that's the download culprit too. I switched back to Gingerbread Deck and do not see the download activity nearly as much as I did on MIUI.