1.7.22 - Incoming Call while Bluetooth, comes out of both Speaker and Headset? Why?!


Jan 5, 2011

Prior to 1.7.22, the update that added "3. Added phone device input options for Bluetooth, Headset, Headphones and Handsfree." and "Fixed problem with Bluetooth headsets", some annoying things have started happening.

Prior to the Update - On Ring:
REAL Ringtone sound would play only through bluetooth headset.
No sound on phone speaker.

Post-Update - On Ring:
The bluetooth device would play it's own specific ring, in this case:
My Headrush Headset: A repeating bunch of tones, signifying "Incoming Call"
My BackTrack 903+: A girl voice will say "Incoming Call"
IN ADDITION to the phone speaker itself playing my ACTUAL ringtone.

Clearly there have been some implementations to use some Bluetooth "Incoming Call" API, rather than just forwarding the ringtone music to the headset now.

Personally I was hoping for the following:
1. Update reverts, real ringtone plays through headset
2. Phone speaker does not ring if bluetooth headset rings.

CyanogenMod has an option for this I believe, shouldn't MIUI?

I had problems with my Bluetooth also. It gets disconnected. Went back to 1.7.15. Everything is ok now. Developers must check for this problem.

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Hm, I guess I'll have no choice but to revert either? I may wait a bit, see if options were arred or maybe bugs fixed in 1.17.29.