New bluetooth audio connect crash after incoming call


Nov 14, 2012
Hi all,
I have a problem using my bluetooth car doc, same problem when my bluetooth speakers at home are connected: sound gets out quit fine, until a call comes in. The ring-sound goes to the phone (not to the speakers), the call itself doesn't go to the car doc / speaker, but goes only to headset (or, if you select so, to phone speaker). After the call has ended, the music player showes that it has started again, but no sound nowhere.

Here is my logcat, and that's what I did to generate it:
  • Start logcat
  • open lockscreen
  • starting music app (Bluetooth speakers "JA2" are paired and connected)
  • then I took a second phone and called my mobile
  • I accepted the incoming call on the mobile
  • I ended the call
  • music app restarted automatically
If anyone can read logcats: what goes wrong?


  • logcat.txt
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No one out there using Desire S (saga) with BT audio to confirm that bug? Maybe someone with BT headset can try what happens when headset is connected and a call comes in, that would be very kind.