1.8.5 - Online Themes don't work properly


Aug 6, 2011
When going to Online themes everything disappear after a few seconds or force close.
Is this only for me and my HTC Desire or does anyone else has the same problem?
I use the same htc desire and 1.8.5 but have not any issues with online themes. All work perfect.
I reported a similar issue in the nexus s section .. On wifi online theme page stays blank .. When you switch to mobile data the themes will show up !! Very odd ..
Think it's a cache problem or something..

You can get it to work by first browsing local themes, then switch to online. Fast click on a random theme and wait for the previews to load. Then when you return to the list with themes, they're all there and stay there :)
me too, it does not work on HD2
It just gives FC or Failed to view when switching to online themes !
The port I did last week for the cdma desire had the theme issue. But this weeks port is working fine for the most part. On wifi the themes are working and showing but if you aren't touching the screen it blacks out. 3g they are fine. But no fc's.

It was built from the gsm desire source if that helps you guys any. As the only difference really is the kernel in the rom.