Invalid "Turn on MIUI Optimisation" bug


Oct 29, 2023
I been having problems with applying themes since I've got my Mi 10T Pro. Most of the time it doesnt apply the whole theme. Rather sometimes, only icons and wallpaper or nothing at all. I've tried to enable "Turn on MIUI Optimisation" through developer options at 1st and it worked. But now when I enable it and go to apply a theme it just disappears from settings. I have to reactivate it through "reset to default values" then it shows up for a second but when I leave from settings It's gone once again. I do not understand the problem and reason why this is happening.
So in general there is no way I can change my theme on the phone fully. Only icons. Which is very annoying cause I like to change it often. My MIUI version is 14.0.1.