11t pro stuck on "System has been destroyed" loop - fastboot only - unable to unlock - unable to erase & flash


Dec 26, 2022
Hi, Folks! First, never had such problems before, and never modded the phone. It's a eea global rom one. During the normal use, suddendly the terminal rebooted and keeps stuck on "The System has been destroyed" loop. No way to escape, but it works the fastboot mode. Already tried latest MiFlash20200314 and MiFlash20220507 but the result is: 'Erase is not allowed in Lock State'. So i used miflash_unlock-en-6.5.406.31 and miflash_unlock-en-, but using this tool, after mi account login, the procedure tells "Unable to unlock". I went on and tested the instructions to unlock bootloader without official mi unlock tool, using "fastboot flashing unlock" command from Minimal ADB fastboot package (as written on guide xdarom and others) but it gets "FAILED (remote: Token Verify Failed, Reboot the device) finished. total time: 0.015s".

Images already downloaded and tested:

What do you think? Ideas? Only option is to return the item to xiaomi and loose everything on the terminal (doh!!)?? Thank you in advance for your time and help.