12.11.1 Droid Incredible Screencap issue


Dec 13, 2010
For the past few days there have been times when my Incredible Menu button becomes unresponsive. I rebooted, problem solved. However, after a few hours this happened again. Reboot, fine. Then I started snooping around the MIUI directory on my SD card and I noticed 50+ screen caps that I didn't intentionally take. The phone was reading that the volume rocker was depressed somehow.

This happened again so I pulled the case off of my phone and made sure to not touch the volume rocker, yet it still happened. I tested this a few more times on subsequent reboots and it still occurred with no pressure on the volume key. My wife is running MIUI also and has had this issue several times. I thought maybe she had her finger on the volume key but it appears to be an issue with the ROM.

We have also both been experiencing random reboots and boot loops that require restores. I love the ROM and all of the hard work everyone has put in, so I'd like to find a fix if possible.
Mine does the same. If you hit the volume rocker after you notice the menu key isn't working (mine even makes the shutter noise) it should snap out of it. I have no idea why it does this. I've brought it up here, but I don't know if it's an issue on anyone's to do list.

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