New Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 stuck either on Mi launch screen or on fastboot screen (not the interface)


Jul 2, 2023
So, i've reboot the phone because i was having issues with volume not working on apps, and since it is stuck either in Mi launching page, and if i try to put it into Fastboot mode, i just have "fastboot" logo and nothing happen.

I have to specify that since few months i encountered few issues, firstly the indicator of battery level didn't work, i have to reboot the phone for it to work, then i'll see the decreasing level, but if i plug my charger, it'll not indicate the level increasing back.

Few weeks ago, my camera started not working, even in the hardware test, but sometimes it would work back, just 99% of the time it didn't worked.

I have this phone only since november (so 8 months), didn't used anything else than the xiaomi charger, if i could resolve the issue without sending it to warranty and having to wait 1 month or more it would be nice.

Thanks for your advices