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Nov 6, 2010
Q: Did MIUIAndroid create MIUI?

A: No, only does translations to english,
MIUI Offical does, if you click this link you will be directed to their About MIUI page where you can read up more.

Q: I cant download from the Android Market, why?

A: It is likely you have forgotten to toggle the download setting from within the Download app. To solve this, open the Download app and press the menu button and make sure to select Download using Mobile network. If the Wi-Fi option appears when you open the menu, select Wi-Fi, then press menu again and toggle to Download using Mobile network. This should fix the issue; if not, please post in the forums.

Q: My Launcher Force Closes (FC) all the time, why is this happening?

A: This is likely caused by an incorrect Dalvik VM heap size in your build.prop. Check that the VM heap size is 64MB and not lower.

Q: Theme Manager shows me Chinese text, why?

A: Because the Chinese Theme Manager uses the Chinese website to download themes, the descriptions.xml is in Chinese for the theme name, it is purely a text issue and we will be working with the Chinese team of developers for an English alternative.

Q: I am unable to install large apps from market, e.x MAPS etc..

A: This is due to the cache only being 5MB for market downloads.
Please follow the instructions here for your solution.

Q: Facebook sync, is it possible?

A: That is not an easy answer, please see this link for more details and instructions on how to sync your Facebook contacts and sync the Facebook contact pictures. HERE

If you have any further questions or need help, youre always welcome to use our forum or contact us on the live chat.