MIUI 12.0 20.5.28

Do you like this MIUI version?

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Pil istatistikleri düzgün çalışmıyor.
grafik kontrol edildiğinde yalnızca son 24 saati gösterir;
son tam şarjdan itibaren zamanı gösterme;
tam şarjdan sonra kullanım değerlerini sıfırlamaz, bunun yerine istatistikleri ilk kontrol ettiğinizde (açtığınızda) sıfırlar ...
Battery stats not working properly.
graph shows only the last 24h when checked;
do not show time from last full charge;
after full charge does not reset usage values, instead it do the reset when you first check (open) the stats ...
I have that same problem
shows only the last 24 hours
Display time does not show correctly after 24 hours
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I found some issue on Themes and Game Turbo, while in Themes in the Font sections it hard to see where the best fonts is, since it was totally dark (see image) and also with Game Turbo I see Chinese word (see image)
disabling dark mode works the themes font...
On my Note 7 (Lavender), USSD Bug is fixed
But I still experience random signal loss.. Flashed the update 12hours from the time of making this post, so far, have noticed signal loss three times while in use.. Fortunately, was able to get a screenshot when it happened the third time.. I hope this bug can be squashed for good

Other than that, the Rom is ok, still consumes ram and battery more than on MIUI 11, but I hope that would be addressed soon

Thanks for all the hardwork devs


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Hello. The last topic closed just after I sent this so...

For the users of Redmi Note 7 lavender, do you use bluetooth true wireless earphones? I am on the previous stable version (miui.eu 11) and the audio cuts a lot if I put the phone in my back pocket, it only works well if I keep it on my hand or without any obstacles even when close to me. I have an edifier tws1 and a tronsmart onyx neo.

Edifier has a slightly better signal but also cuts the audio a lot. I tested the earphones on an old Sony Xperia Z2 and they work fine when the phone is in my back pocket.

From what I could find researching, it seems to be a hardware issue with the note 7 (besides the image retention of the tianma display...regrets...), but I'm just hoping you'll have something different to say with your phones on this rom. Can you share your experiences using tws earphones of any brand with note 7 on miui 12?
I've also got the Onyx Neo's, and I can stand on the other side of the flat without any quality loss or cutting out
Seems to be related to your specific unit/batch of units
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Is the ram management is fixed on this version ? I have always 1.3gb free ram.

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Mi 8. Best version in a long time. Everything works, the battery is also good so far and everything runs very quickly and smoothly. No bug found so far. I thank the developers.
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Since begining on miui 12 on my Redmi Note 5 Pro notifications did not show on my mi band 4, and today I just unpaired ( in mifit app) my mi band 4 and paired it again and suddenly I started receiving notifications, so anyone who had this problem can try this.
How is global stability? I'm on latest xiaomi.eu MIUI 11 stable, but I'd like to update.

Thanks in advance
First of all, Rom is going very well.

I just don't know if that's the case with others, but sometimes the lower icons disappear completely. This can be fixed by entering and leaving the app Drawer

Device: Mix 2

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hello guys i need some help with the newst update, when TWRP finish the zip installation when i click on reboot (no OS installed) how can i fix that?
hello guys i need some help with the newst update, when TWRP finish the zip installation when i click on reboot (no OS installed) how can i fix that?
Hello, do you use another TWRP version than the one included in xiaomi.eu ROM? Did you remove encryption ("DFE" option)?
Mi 9T Pro updated fine OTA and root with Magisk. So far so good! Uptime for 4 hours without the reboot issue from 20.5.21.

The reboot issue I had was where the device would randomly reboot and say "Find my device closed unexpectedly".

15 hours without the random reboot. Thanks to the developers for this build and addressing this issue (and all the other fixes).
thanks for your great work..... and sorry
redmi k30 pro = pocof2pro, are not in the description of roms?
If there is a rom made, why is it not in the list of roms?
"- Due to Redmi Note8, Xiaomi CC9e is adapting to Android 10, the release of this week is suspended"

Please what does this mean? I use Redmi Note 8, are you discontinuing Xiaomi EU ROM for Redmi Note 8?
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