New [21.11.10] App is not showing up in taskmanager using PiP


Jun 10, 2021
I have problems with apps that use PiP on the Mi 9 with MIU 12.6 version 21.11.10.
In particular, it is about Youtube Vanced when you want to play videos in the background.
Vanced will always use the native PiP built into the Android system.

As soon as PiP is used, Vanced no longer appears in the task manager.
Sometimes no video popup appears, only the sound is heard. Then it is no longer possible to return to the app or quit it, unless you click on the app icon and quit the video. Once you do that, the app will reappear in the task manager.
If PiP is not working well only a reboot of the system helps unless it happen again.