MIUI 14 23.7.17

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Did anyone notice that after charging fingerprint doesn't work and needs reboot of device to work again????
Or just only me ?? I'll check it again though, it happens last two charges ...
Still the bug with dual apps in combination with working profile. You can't open files in dual app because it's blocked by it admin from the working profile.
It was working until 23.6.8/9.
Please compare these releases so you might be able to fix it. Thank you


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I have already tried everything. Every single installation before I deleted everything from the phone: dalvik, data.metadata, cache etc... I installed an older weekly ROM, then a stable ROM, and on September 1, 2022, Google Play system updates worked properly only on the Android 14 beta.
This Rom is very fluid on Mi 13 Ultra. Battery is good as well. Only problem I found: "OK GOOGLE" or "HEY GOOGLE" does not work when the screen is off.
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All work Mi 11. The split screen and app drawing issue seems to be related to new foreground activity permission structure. Moving forward, apps might work better at a later date. My Tesla app does not redraw once the app is launched. I have to swipe to recent, go back to Tesla, and now the app is drawing actively. Some other apps already asked for extra permissions and seem more compatible with this Android build.
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