HyperOS 1.0 24.1.29

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13 ultra

Swoo and Wizz Air still don't work


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Is there no way to enable the option to choose whether to have it bigger or smaller?
For me (and maybe for someone else based on what I've read in some posts) it's very bad

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There isn't. Can't make everybody happy.
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I have lost the landing point again for the moon super wallpaper. This was after going into Wallpaper & personalization and changing some settings.
I got the message below, and accepted it, but it still did not work. I tried re-installing the ROM, and that does not work (although the first time, re-installing the ROM got it back again - just the once).
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I tried The red planet, and that worked fine - going to the selected Landing point. I then went back to the Moon wallpaper, and the Landing point still did not work. :(
Did you try just reinstall the apk?
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Strange thing... First updating by Updater app; download went OK but xiaomi.eu_multi _MONDRIAN_...zip didn't pass the digest test on TWRP...
Though my MD5 app did! Downloaded again, checked with MD5 app and installed without TWRP md5 check. It went well.
What could be the problem here?
Someone else face the Problem that Google Play Systemupdate stucks on Juli 2023? When i search the update, there is No Update. Anyone have a solution?

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Did anyone with FUXI notice that twrp 8.1 decrypted???? I don't test twrp 8.2 though..
Ishtar keeps getting Media stops responding, reverting back to ROM a week before, now TWRP cannot unlock with passcode... Trying the Fastboot way...
It seems that twrp has problem with decryption after previous rom .. i will test twrp 8.2 and if it doesn't work I'll go on with fastboot method and hope for a twrp with working decryption cause it's hard to restore all again...
will I be able to upgrade via fastboot from OS1.0.1.0 xiaomi.eu on OS1. xiaomi.eu?
This is not an upgrade. It is a downgrade. You cannot install the stable version over the developer version. System applications may crash. For the stable version, you need to install from scratch.
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on fuxi launcher keeps crashing when gestures like in iphone are choosen. on buttons no problems
I cant install ar core services and i cant use "live view" at google maps ..actually i cant even find ar core services with search at play store and even when i manually installed some versions of ar services , even then when im trying to calibrate compass with maps it says "cant open live view , ar core services not supported " .. suggestions? XM14PRO
Is there any issue with WhatsApp or Facebook cleaner? I have both installed, but when I open the cleaner, it shows no data.


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I have started to notice some instabilities. A couple of apps have forced closure, and the Landing places for the Moon super wallpaper have again disappeared.
If I can get to the position where I can reproduce something, I shall try and do a Logcat. Otherwise, I shall go back to last week's ROM again.
Screenshot in keyboard clipboard are double. Sometimes it crashing


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Fuxi here TWRP update. Another stable release
Just some minor issue like settings not full translated in italian, security always shows payment issue but device is still certified. Never had an issue with Google pay so far.
After a restart I had always the toggle "use mobile data during volte calls" (something like that I have italian language) deactivated.
Gallery works fine.
PS still 0° on lockscreen already reset wheather app but I can live with it
Did you try clearing data on apps?
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