HyperOS 1.0 24.6.3

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1. If a ROM is not published DONT ASK ABOUT ITS ETA
2. If a ROM is not published DONT ASK why!
3. If a ROM is available, download it and use it
4. If a ROM has bugs, post the bug to the bug section if the BUG is not already listed
5. If you use any form of abusive or derogatory language to admins or other users you will be BANNED forever!
6. If you quote whole first or second post, your post will be deleted and ignored
7. We do not own all supported devices, so in case of issue, post log to be able fix it
8. Only posts in English language are accepted

Full rules here: https://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/rom-release-thread-rules-final-warning-of-bad-conduct.51332/



  • Your device's bootloader must be unlocked.
Installing with Fastboot:
  • Download Xiaomi.eu ROM zip file
  • Extract the ROM zip to a new folder
  • Power off your device
  • Boot your device in Fastboot mode (Hold volume down + power buttons)
  • Connect to PC via USB cable
  • Run one of the installation scripts (according to your PC operating system):
    - first_install_with_data_format - with data wipe, if you're flashing Xiaomi.eu ROM for the first time or downgrading.
    - update_rom - without data wipe, if you're updating from an older Xiaomi.eu ROM.
  • Done!
Installing with TWRP:
(TWRP must be installed with Fastboot mode)
  • Download Xiaomi.eu ROM zip file
  • Reboot to TWRP
  • If installing for the first time or downgrading: Wipe -> Format Data
  • Copy the ROM zip file to the internal storage
  • Install -> Select the ROM zip file
  • Reboot to system
  • Done!
Updating via Updater app:
(A Xiaomi.eu ROM and TWRP must already be installed on your device)
  • Download Xiaomi.eu ROM zip file
  • Copy the ROM zip file to the internal storage
  • Updater -> Menu (...) -> Select update package
  • Select the ROM zip file
  • Confirm any dialogs
  • Done!
  • Follow XML changes in Source of HyperOS here
  • Our translation guide is here
  • Check for errors in your repo here
Give kudos to your translators. This is a huge group effort and continues to grow bigger!

Language included in our HyperOS 1.0:
  • HyperOS Changelog + See CHANGELOG for your language...
  • Our ROMs were approved by official EU distributor ABC Data to not void warranty for devices sold by them!
  • (Of course, officially unlocked BL and no ROOT installed)
Our ROMs features (what's not in Global):
  • Based on China Beta builds
  • 3way reboot menu (in dev settings)
  • HyperOS Contacts and Dialer
  • Removed ads in HyperOS system apps
  • HyperOS Dialer and Messages apps
  • Steps counter in Assistant screen
  • More shortcuts on left lockscreen
  • Wake up gestures for all devices
  • Option to auto-expand first notification
  • Notifications priority settings
  • More edit options in Gallery app
  • Enabled MiDrive in File Explorer
  • Google apps support integrated
  • Removed 5GHz region restrictions
  • Confirm dials from call logs
  • Morning report on alarm at morning
  • More apps supported for AOD notifications
  • More styles for AOD screen
  • Raise to wake gesture
  • AOD notification received animation
  • Tap fingerprint sensor to wake toggle
  • Double tap to lock screen
  • Battery AI scenes
  • Allowed disabling specific system apps
  • Importing theme .mtz from zhuti.xiaomi.com via ThemeManager
  • No useless Chinese bloatware apps
  • More free RAM due to less background processes
  • Mi Video, Mi Music, Mi Browser: No any useless Chinese content and ads
  • No possibility to re-lock bootloader accidentally with flash any xiaomi.eu release
  • Added real 27 languages translation made by Official MIUI Fansites and MIUI Fans
  • Added EU T9 dialer support
  • Added charging sound switch
  • Optimized GPS settings for EU
  • Optimized Battery consumption
  • Optimized RAM consumption
  • Added GSMalphabet into SMS app options
  • SafetyNet passed by default without ROOT (Google Pay)
  • Play Store Certified
  • Deodexed
  • Added automated tasks in Security app
  • Widevine L1 (for supported devices)
  • And more, and more made by our 12 years mods experience.


Optimization - Updated Android Security Patch to June 2024
Optimization - Refreshed translations for Global-based languages

New - You can generate AI-based summaries from texts and links now in Quick notes (Xiaomi 14/Pro)
Note: If you use a link to generate summary, you will often receive stuff in Chinese. To ensure that you receive a response in the original language, we recommend copying the text rather than using the link. It's quite possible that AI won't produce summaries of news that the Chinese government finds sensitive.

Notification shade
Fix - Clock and date was missing in horizontal mode
Play Store is crashing when opening the app, i'm on Xiaomi 14 (houji).
I've deleted the data for both Play Store and Google Play Services and rebooted, but it didn't fix.

Any idea what it could be?

EDIT: fixed it by uninstalling Play Store updates
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I don't have your problem in my XM 14.
Maybe someone will help you if you put the log here. about the application crashing.
Privacy widget from security app is nuked


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Xiaomi 12 (Cupid) is still present undertranslation, Russian


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Recording my wife's conversations on HyperOS (K60 pro) stopped working a long time ago, I don't know after what update. The latest DEV firmware is installed. Permissions have been granted. The recording is turned on everywhere, but the conversation field does not have it. Where can I find a solution to the problem?
Hello there, it has been a long time since I updated via fastboot, wo I wanted to ask if it was normal that a lot of stuff gets skipped in the beginning?
Is it normal that the device (Ishtar) turns off WiFi overnight and uses mobile data instead when not touched for a longer time (eg. during sleep). It reconnects instantly when unlocked though. But makes no sense... I see it on my router that it's disconnected...
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