4G on Rezound

May 26, 2013
Hello all, First time poster here. I been working on porting MIUI .24 to the rezound. The problem im running into is the 4G isnt working right. I modified the phone.apk to add the LTE options to the correct values, and then changed the apn-config.xml and the build.prop. if i run the standard cm10 build.prop file 4G doesnt unless you manually set it up and sometime its hit and miss, If i change the build.prop from 310004 to 311480 which forces LTE apn connection it works, but you cant go into mobile networks or use *#*#4636#*#* or you will lose service until you reboot. Not sure if im in the right area, if not please move to the correct one.


Verizon Wireless - MIUI 3.5.24 on CM10