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MI5C seems to be fine. Only app that doesn't work after update from version 8 is Android Auto. Can' t connect to my car anymore. Something is different between 8 and 9 but I can't fix it. Rollback to 8 and it works again.
Magisk doesn't work with *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*. How can i install it? Please help (mi6)
GOOD job ! Icons re-appear in status bar, for my RN3 Pro... Also, Split screen still works since last ROM.
Redmi note 4 MTK: All notification bugs fixed, everything world flawlessly now. System seems very stable, battery performance is good. Nice release! Thanks to all the developers :)

Optimization - Improved system stability and performance

Other0000000ts sync in MiCloud..
Sorry if i'm not right the china developer for the redmi 4x has been suspended for this week due to error in unlocking the phone. Is this right?
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Redmi 3 (HM3) ro.miui.region is set to PL, but settings are in English (everything else in Polish). Still no daily walpaper settings.
Mix 2 bootloop to TWRP, restoring 8.4.4 don't work. Need a full wipe and come back to previous version. Crash in contact and phone and disable contacts sync in Mi cloud. Very dissapointed, no root or mods installed, just the rom and common apps.
I installed it back to xiaomi.eu_multi_MI6_8.4.4_v9-8.0 but anyway my device keeps coming back to twrp ... does anyone help me?
On MI6, should be resolved by installing reuploaded rom when fixed? Or wipe is mandatory to get phone working?
on forums it was said that the china developer rom was suspended from MIX this week.
" 1. The update is suspended for Mi 5, Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX due to restarting issue. "
was that fixed already on Xiaomi.eu rom or will there be a v2 rom?

Bug report for MIX:
Cant connect to camera on lockscreen while using face unlock
Mi Mix 2 [128/6GB]

Boot-loop on flashing 8.4.12, it re-boots into TWRP.

Rolling back to 8.4.4, re-downloading 8-4-12 zip file.

File source was SourceForge.


Rollback to previous version triggered the "Device is locked" and no WLAN keyboard issue.

Got back in, now to reset everything.
What ROM have you downloaded I have mi mix 2 and don't see ROM for my phone only for mix and mix 2s.
This is total stupidyty of this all builds no keyboard for WLAN you must have unlocked SIM or WLAN withou password UNBELIVABLE!!!
I report it 3X no response.
Type the password on field to unlock your mi account and then copy and past to the wifi field.
I have got a problem with the keyboard
At first setup phone, I can not open the keyboard
So that everything after can not be done
What should i do now?
My phone is: Redmi Note 5 CN
Firmware: Weekly
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