90Hz refresh rate method no longer available in MIUI 14 v13


Jan 31, 2023
The 90Hz method with setedit app changes the user_refresh_rate from 120 to 90 in miui 13 and older works but in new update miui 14 android 13 it's doesn't work anymore the user_refresh_rate is missing in the setedit app
My device is Poco x3 pro
Anyone have any idea for changing the refresh rate to 90Hz in miui 14 android 13?

Edit: curent21: user_refresh_rate, miui_refresh_rate moved to table Secure table
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tried on Poco F3, try to add that line and nothing happened, i don't want to change my Xiaomi.eu ROM to have 90hz
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I'm currently on vanila MIUI 14.0.1 on 12X and I have same problem. Also, Galaxy Hz is not longer working.
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Метод 90 Гц с приложением setedit изменяет user_refresh_rate со 120 до 90 в miui 13 и более ранних версиях, но в новом обновлении miui 14 android 13 он больше не работает, user_refresh_rate отсутствует в приложении setedit.
Мое устройство Poco x3 pro

Кто-нибудь знает, как изменить частоту обновления на 90 Гц в miui 14 android 13?
user_refresh_rate, miui_refresh_rate moved to table Secure table
Any news about this? Galaxy hz works "somehow", but a simple 90hz in setedit would be good and easy enough :)