A couple of bugs and a translation issue?


Feb 8, 2011
In the Contacts app:
- When I have simply 1-555-123-4567 I get nothing. However, when I have +1-555-123-4567 I get USA/Canada. Bug?
- Being too long, this *always* cuts off.. can we perhaps have US/Can.
- I have contacts in Ireland (+353) that correctly show as Ireland, but +44 UK ones show as "English".. whereas this should say UK. (Nor is my contact in England, or English :p)
- Other countries here, eg: Netherlands just show as "...therlands". Seems kinda silly. Perhaps in all of these, the country codes would be better, ie" NL, IE, US/CAN, UK?

- On the notifications dropdown, once I slide, the network name also cut off. (ie: Verizon Wireless = Verizon Wire..."
- There are various other places in the OS (ie: Settings) where I've seen this.. that perhaps in the English language at least there is a shorter word for to accommodate this. Thoughts?