A few newbie questions

Dan Maharry

Mar 14, 2012
Hi there,
I'm new round here and thanks to a magazine found out about MIUI and installed it rather than ICS on my Nexus S. I have MIUI 2.2.17 ICS on my phone. I can see that there is a lot of activity here so I hope you don't mind if I ask a few simple questions in one place while I find my way around.

1. I know that updated ROMs are made available each week, but they don't seem to be available through the phone. I get told I have the latest version. Is OTA disabled at the moment? I see lots of discussion about bandwidth currently and keeping this place going, but nothing specifically about OTA not working.
2. There's a big thread about the standard MIUI theme with additional icons. However, the download link for that theme point at multiupload.com which got taken offline a while ago. Is there chance of re-upping it on rapidshare or some place similar?
3. Is there a post somewhere saying how to install themes \ icons \ lock screens I've downloaded to my PC?
4. Is there a post somewhere with a bit of guidance on how to create your own theme?

Thanks very much in advance.

  1. OTA is working fine, we got the needed bandwidth to support it. However, you may download Nexus S 2.3.9 here: http://files.miuiandroid.com/2.3.9/miuiandroid_NS-2.3.9.zip and use that instead. Maybe OTA is having some glitches for you.
  2. Multiupload was taken down to remove all traces of FileServe and Megaupload from its code. It'll be awhile till it comes back, if it ever does. Also countries like the UK and America and Australia can no longer access the site due to copyright. If you have any specific forum posts with dead links, post em here. I'll try and re-upload them.
  3. Installing themes is as easy as mounting your SD card and moving the file to SD Card/ MIUI / Themes.
  4. Pele, a staff member here probably knows the most and might be able to link you to somewhere to learn.
Hope this helps.
1. I'll wait for this Friday's update to come I think before I update. Out of curiosity, is it better practice to download from here or use ROM Manager to get a MIUIAndroid build? ROM Manager lists last Friday's as 2.3.9c. Is the c significant in some way?
2. The theme I was referring to is Project Vexillum which is on multiupload.
3. I'll give that a go - thanks. Is that the same for icons only, like Project Vexillum?
4. I'll wait for his reply.

It does indeed help - thanks.
BTW Is there a project ongoing to document all the features of MIUI? I couldn't find one and documentation is pretty much what I do for a living...
1) When uploading to Rom Manager, we cannot have the same filenames. So when we patch the current ROM we must append a letter at the end, otherwise it conflicts with the previous download. The downloads here and on Rom Manager are the same. Just one is labeled separately.

2) http://miui.connortumbleson.com/themes/Project_Vexillum/
3) Yep, move the .mtz file to there. Then open the Theme Manager

As for documentation our admin Pele has begun practice of documenting everything. He might need some help though.
1. Ah, that makes a lot of sense.
2. Brill - downloaded.

Again, I'll wait for Pele to reply here then.

Many thanks