A2SD clarification needed.

Discussion in 'Mi General' started by AoOs, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. AoOs


    Hey guys,

    I've always been wondering what the ratio between the amount of data being put on the SD card and the phone's internal memory is, when installing apps?

    70 (phone) / 30 (SD card)?

    I made a 1 gig partition for a2sd when I started using MIUI. But now I am almost out of space, but still have a good 600 MB left in the partition.

    Does anyone know the numbers?
  2. ZeroBarrier

    Nov 24, 2010
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    There is no set ratio; it depends on each apps use of the /data/data/ folder. One app might use a couple of KB, another app might use several MB.
  3. AoOs


    That makes no sense to me. I thought the idea behind A2SD+ was that the phone thought the SD partition was a part of itself, and from there distributed the files evenly (almost RAID-like).

    What's the truth ?
  4. cyberstoic


    Apr 20, 2011
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    Just a clarification....

    There are several ways of moving apps from internal to sd. One is (for lack of a better name) apps2sd - the froyo type that moves apps from internal to the FAT section of the sd card. Problem with this is that it only moves part of the app, and certain parts of it remain in internal. If you manually move apps to the sd card, you are using this. Another problem with this is that if you manually move apps, the a2sd+ in miui that is supposed to move the apps automatically for you won't work.

    Another type is dark tremor's a2sd, used in miui as a2sd+. It symbollically links the internal memory with the ext3 partition on your sd card. It *should* do this automagically, but sometimes it does not. The easiest way to ensure that it does is just after flashing but before loading your apps back is to go into terminal emulator, typing "su" and then "a2sd install" Then load the apps. You can also move the dalvik cache, freeing up more memory, by going into terminal emulator, typing su and then a2sd cachesd

    If you load a2sdgui from market you can confirm that it is working and also move the dalvik from here too, and it is very easy to use. If you are running out of space, move the dalvik to sd.
  5. AoOs


    Well, I'm, ofc, using the MIUI A2SD+ (which I enabled using the terminal commands) not the manual "move to SD".

    Just installed A2SDgui, which confirmed all of my apps are on the ext partition.

    Is there a way of making the space counter include the ext space?
    I have a 38 mb app, from Market, that I would like to download and install, but it wont let me, due to 'insufficient space'.
    However, the phone is registering 53 free mb - which I think is super odd, since 53 - 38 = 15, which should be enough.

    Any advice? I've deleted all non-super-essential apps from the phone (around 80 mb) but due to A2SD+ the counter isnt showing that all 80 mb has been deleted from 'internal' space.