A2sd+ in miui


Jul 1, 2011
Hey guys I downloaded miui today and must say I am very happy with it.

What I want to know though is that, is there any way to force the default location of apps to the SD card as in a2sd+ in most customs ROMs?

How do I use it?

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A2SD+ requires that you have an ext partition on the sd card. It really should be at least 512mb to 1gb in size. A2SD+ uses the ext partition and symbolically links it to the internal memory. It should be transferring the apps over and using this automatically. You can see the a2sd+ partition in settings>system>sd card> and look at the a2sd+ notation. You can also transfer apps manually in settings> programs> manage applications> on sd card using a froyo-like apps2sd method. But my understanding is that doing this moves the apps to .android/secure section of the FAT on the sd card and breaks the ADSD+. The problem of using the manual method, is that even though you are moving the apps, a section of them still resides on internal memory and that will still fill up.

So in answer to your question, you can "force" the apps to the sd card using the settings> programs>manage applications>on sd card froyo apps2sd method, but then the a2sd+ method of using the ext partition will not work.
hi everyone at the forum!

i'm quite new to miui, flashed a few days ago.
i have an 512Mb EXT3 partition and a 3,5G FAT32 partition on my SD, both brimary.
when i check my A2SD+ info in settings/system/sd card settings, i can see it displaying like ~500Mb, with 437Mb free, so it looks OK.
but my apps only install on the internal memory, not the EXT3 partition, the free space in the A2SD+ info doesn't change at all, no matter what i try.
the internal memory fills up fast, shows the low space warning in the notification, and the only way to free up space is to move the apps to the FAT32 manually, using the described settings/programs/manage apps/on sd method, but that's not the way it should work.
what could be the problem, why is A2SD+ not working properly?
finally i managed to make it work...
FYI i installed A2SDGUI from the market, and choose to move and rebuild dalvik cache to SD-EXT.
that did the trick!
Do apps intall 100% to ext partition with apps2sd+? Or still some part of them is left? An I think there's some drawback still with the widget-enhanced apps, bc they automatically being pushed to sd card. Does this affect their ability to have widgets? And the last question. App data (not cache). Is it being stored on ext partition as well? Bc some apps like Opera and Facebook grow their data up to enormous (for Desire) 20mb+.
Since this a2sd+ is, I believe based on DarkTremor's DT-A2SD, you may want to check out that (rather lengthy) thread at XDA.

That said, a2sd+ /DT-a2sd symbolically links the sd-ext with the internal /data/app files and so they are on the sd-ext.

you can look at what is being done using terminal emulator on the phone -

su then

a2sd help
lists commands available.

a2sd check gives diagnostic info and tells what is running and where it is running so it should tell you what is on /sd-ext and where the data is at.

ls -al /data
look for something like app--> /sd-ext/app
That means that android has symbolically connected the /sd-ext/app and /data/app as connected to the ext. If you have moved the dalvik that should be there too.

a2sd check
will give you basic diagnostic information from the DT a2sd script - this will reveal what is running where (apps on /sd-ext, data location, etc).

a2sd cachesd
You can free up a lot of space (maybe 60 meg or so) by moving the dalvik cache to ext

You can also just load "a2sdgui" from market for an easy to use gui
It shows where the apps, data, and dalvik are.

I have never had any problem with widgits using this. Since I moved the dalvik I don't ever seem to run out or memory any more.

Hope that helps