A2SD not working :( .... Please help


Sep 22, 2011
Hi All,

I am new to MIUI (first post too) but so far I'm loving it. The only issue I am having is I cannot seem to get A2SD working.

I have a 8gb SD card, formatted using gparted with a ~1gb ext3 partition for A2SD. When I go into SD settings I can see that the phone has reconsigned the A2SD+ total as 1.15GB with 1.06GB available.

I have since downloaded Angry Birds Original and Rio (same applies to other apps). The apps where both installed to internal memory, the available A2SD memory was still showing as 1.06GB and internal memory was down to 20mb.

I went into manage apps and clicked move to SD card, but it seems to have moved it onto the /sdcard partition and not into the A2SD partition. Internal memory was freed up, but available space on SD card went down (angry birds data ended up in /sdcard/.android_secure) and the A2SD partition remains at 1.06GB free.

I have had A2SD working on numerous other roms without problems so don't think its the SD card or my partitioning that is the problem. Is there some MIUI configuration that I am missing or some trick I need to do (like the sym-link for market downloads) to get this working?

Really hope you guys can help because I love this rom, its so refreshingly intuitive, fast and looks good too!

Thanks in advance,

PS, I'm running 1.9.19 on a HTC desire GSM
A few things.

The minute you move it manually, you probably break a2sd. You should not move apps manually when using a2sd+

Second, if you have recently switched to clockworkmod recovery in the 5.x (e.g. you should consider switching back to the 2.x series for the time being. Many people are reporting it is corrupting their ext3 partitions.

When you flash the new 1.9.23 rom, do a clean install. Then load terminal emulator from market before reloading your apps back and....


The phone will reboot. I have been finding that this has been a problem the last few builds. Maybe it is just me, but fixing permissions seems to make it right.

After reboot, go back into terminal emulator and type:
a2sd install
a2sd zipalign
a2sd cachesd

Phone should reboot. If it does not, then reboot it.

Now load your apps back clean from market.

That should fix it :)

That seems to have worked a treat.

Curiously I go the following error during the zipalign and cachesd commands:
Cannot read a2sd.mountpoint

Any idea what this means?

Also, I haven't had to do the sym link trick to get the market downloads working properly. Do you know if this has been fixed in this release or if the settings where somehow not wiped??

Thanks again,