No SMS verification code received to create new Mi account (lots of details provided, help please?)


Mar 17, 2022
I know this issue has been addressed numerous times on many forums. Often whatever solution is provided works for some but others say it did not work for them. I've done my due diligence and there must be something particular to my situation. So here are as many of those particulars as I can provide.

I purchased a Xiaomi Mi 11 about two weeks ago. Awesome phone. I love it. I even tried to live with the Chinese ROM but that simply isn't gonna work for me. Now that I am looking to flash the European ROM, however, I have been unable to create a new Xiaomi account or do anything else requiring that I receive a verification number. When I click on "Sign in to Mi Account " in settings, where a "Mi Account will be created automatically when you use a phone number for the first time," the SIM card gets quickly read and my phone number is automatically entered—except the country code is +86, which I change to +1 as I am in the US. I agree to the user/ privacy policy and click on Next. I complete a Captcha challenge and then the verification code is sent. Of course, the code never arrives. After three attempts I am locked out of trying again for 24 hours.

When I log in to my T-Mobile account I see that an outgoing SMS message is sent to one of two different phone numbers every time I have attempted to activate my account. They are 753-715-1541 and 749-116-3442. The destination is said to be the United Kingdom, so I presume the country code is +44. These outgoing text messages are clearly the requests for a verification code.

When I first got the phone about ten days ago I successfully created a Mi Account with a different SIM card and phone number. On the T-Mobile website, my messages log shows a received text from 833-961-2047 immediately after an outgoing text was sent to one of the those UK numbers. This was obviously the verification code which I did receive and successfully use to create an account. However, after performing a factory reset in preparation for unlocking the bootloader, I have since been unable to log back in to that account as (what I think is) my password no longer works for some reason. I only entered it once when prompted to create the account so I must have put in something different than I expect I would have. I didn't think it would matter since I did not intend to use that number beyond the initial testing phase of the phone, and none of my usual recent passwords are working, unfortunately.

At any rate, when I try to reset my password I am told that a verification code is being sent to that number. Of course, none ever arrives. This is true when I put the SIM card into a different phone, when I attempt to log in with that number and that SIM in the Mi 11, or if I request a password reset on the desktop website from my computer. No code, no verification, no password reset.

I contacted T-Mobile and they say that I there are no blocks present and I should be able to both send and receive international text messages. They've confirmed my APN info and can find nothing wrong.

I've sent emails to and they tell me to do things I've already told them I've done. I do it again anyway and same result. I created a Mi account online with my email address and logged into it on the Mi 11, but underneath my profile name it says "Phone: not connected." I sync app data to the Xiaomi Cloud but messages and call history fail to activate. I activate "Find Device" but that does not work. I updated the MIUI to, done numerous factory resets to the previous MIUI, granted permissions to whatever asks, scoured the forums on reddit, and elsewhere, tried whatever I can.

In all circumstances, I am unable to proceed any further unless I first receive a verification code through SMS, and other than that one time on March 10, no message gets sent. Does anybody here have any idea what the hell is the issue here?