In Progress All BUGs - Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 - 2.3.30

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Mar 24, 2012
OK, there are several threads regarding bugs but they are or general (not device specified) or they are about some specified bug, not all of them.

Please post all bugs in 2.3.30 version for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 only! I've noticed that some of them that we reported in 2.3.23 are fixed, so reporting them make sense.

Found so far:
- when using pattern or PIN security on the lockscreen, it is impossible to change wallpaper
- SMS app: Favorites\Phrases - not translated
- MIUI updater: OTA does't work for me (it will download and reboot to recovery, but it won't flash, I can't see error message because reboot goes too fast).
- Themes are partially translated
- browser: when entering string in the address bar and hit "Go", it will search for it on (Chinese language)
- google Chrome hangs & FC too much.
- reject call with SMS doesn't work (it will reject call, but it won't send SMS).
- call log: missed call always say "Ring 1 times" no matter for how long phone rang.
- default theme won't change alarm snooze wallpaper
- old UI (Samsung default): camera
- old UI (Samsung default): incoming / outgoing call window
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Mar 28, 2012
I get no service from time to time...
When i get no service i must to restart the phone.

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ok OP thanks for pointing these probs out to us - we have created a general known issue topic for this now. so i will lock this one so users can head to the watch thread rather than back and forth.

But OP, if you detect anymore bugs please amend the first post as i will be checking regularly.

Thank you, regards
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