Android 5.0 based MIUI for MiPad

Aug 27, 2014
Since Android 5.0 (Lolipop) is expected to launch in a few days, I am wondering if Xiaomi is planning a MIUI update for MiPad based on that release.
Jun 4, 2013
Isn't nexus9 and shield both based on the 64bit k1? If so, then those releases most likely won't help he mipad... Then again, there are rumors that a 64bit superscalar mipad +sim may be on the way
Mar 20, 2012
The MiPad software is just too beta for me, too many crashes too many incompatible apps, too many things that need fixing and of course lollipop will not be coming any time soon, shame really because the hardware is nice.

Also really bad times for people looking for an AOSP tablets like me. Google have essentially turned away a lot of potential customers with the stupid price tag on the Nexus 9, retarded really when you consider the huge gap in build quality between the nexus 9 and the ipad, to charge the same money as an ipad is just ridiculous. Many reports of bending back plates, over heating, backlight leakage, rough edges, just not worth the money even if you got a good one you are still getting ripped just to get a decent amount of internal storage (32gb).

Which basically leaves the shield tablet. I am still considering it, but it just seems a bit bulky and would prefer 4:3 aspect.

These are basically the only options for powerful AOSP tablets which will definitely get Lollipop at the moment. Very poor form from Google. Bizarre decision to essentially kill their best seller the nexus 7 too.