Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro stuck in boot loop


Dec 17, 2023
Okay so today i was using my phone and all of a sudden, mid typing, it froze. I was like okay no big deal this has happened before ill just reboot it. I pressed the power button and it did turn off but after booting up it got stuck in boot loop. It shows the MIUI 5.0 recovery menu. When i select reboot it just goes to loop again, if i go to safe mode it just loops again. I downloaded the MI PC suite and it wont recognize the phone as being connected via usb although it is connected. I dont want to do a wipe since i have data that is valuable to me.
What can i do and make it unstuck from the loop? Is there any hope to get unstuck?
The phone still has warranty and I am planning on taking it in tomorrow, but i suspect they will not bother and wipe my data
So, (Sorry for bad english btw) My phone did this since amlost one week, try to press just the power button all the times, it worked for me and my note 10, Eventually you phone will boot normal, and please do a factory reset. If its now working i dont know. Hope this helps :)
This isn't the Redmi Note 10 pro section but that of Xiaomi 10 in all its variations
PLEASE write in the right section.
Many thanks.
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If your device is unlocked, then you can flash a custom recovery that support data decryption and access your data there.
If your device is locked, then nothing but wish your phone magically boot successful someday.