Android Pay And Other Questions

Twinkle Star

Mar 28, 2017
Hi All

Could you help the following question for a newbie who received there mi5s few days ago

+How do i get the weather app to update the weather on the app as it shows the wrong temperature as per the screenshot updated. Also how do i get the weather on the lock screen wish it was that temperature


+Android pay does not work error message is in the attached screenshot haven't tried Snapchat however Mario run work fine

+Understood I'm not android 6 is it while updating to android 7 and a a stable global ROM with would help with android pay, screenshot of the phone details below

+Also the battery is draining my that i expected when reading the reviews

+ I'm a newbie so hoping there is a idiot's guide to updating the OS and ROM if it will help with my relevant issues

Again wasn't sure if i should have created spearate threads for all these issues. Thanks for your help on the above