1. F

    New [SOLVED| MIUI 14 with Android 13, app second run always crashes

    I recently updated my Xiaomi 12X to MIUI 14 Android 13 ( XM12X V14.0.8.0 TLDCNXM v14 13). And I had a problem, it's impossible to run the application a second time, it crashes right away. I've tried it on other devices and it works fine. I also tried to create a new project, the first...
  2. L

    Installed SB Patcher, now device won't boot.

    Hello guys, I really need your help here I don't know what to do. This is an android problem, specifically on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. I installed busybox SB Patcher (which is a modified version of lucky patcher from sbenny. com). I tried to use it and it crashed, after that all the apps on my phone...
  3. 2

    Xiaomi Mi 11T conectivity issue with Android Auto

    Hi all. Please help. I recently bought a new phone, an Mi 11T, then, when i try to connect to Android Auto it works, but it deconnects automatically after 1 or 2 minutes. This "game" with auto connecting and deconnecting is happening till i stop it. It` doesn`t matter the method of conectivity...
  4. AlbertMorales

    How to install your YO WhatsApp on the Xiaomi Mi 3 phone.

    how can i install yo whatsapp latest version on my xiaomi mi 3 I run Android 10 When accessing the application u get an error And it says you have not installed t.
  5. A

    How to install Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK?

    Hi everybody, Recently I was practicing for a professional heavy duty parking competition. I try out car parking multiplayer and I find it a lot of difficult gameplay for me to conquer. But I can't afford large trucks, I have found a car parking multiplayer mod apk unlimited money but I can't...
  6. S

    Can not connect via USB to computer anymore, but 3 times USB connection option and USB notification gone

    Hello everybody, I have 2 problems with my Xiaomi mi 10T lite: 1) the main problem is that I am no longer able to connect my phone to my computer via USB. It worked at first without problems for about a month after I bought the phone! But for no reason (after the phone downloaded a system...
  7. iyiaou

    Xiaomi Mi Control Hub Gateway Alarm & Notifications

    Hello everyone, i just bought the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Sensor Set, which includes the Gateway, Motion Sensors (x2), Door Sensors (x2), Mi Wireless Switch. The products installed in my office. The problem is when Guarding is enable and something happens in my office, i don't take any...
  8. A

    New Huge Battery Drain from Android System

    Over the last few days (maybe one or two weeks) my battery has been acting up, lasting less and less every day. I checked the battery usage info and the android system usage amounted to over 50% of the overall usage. Last night I went to bed with battery at 100%, when I woke up this morning...
  9. Simonvinder

    Stuck On Miui 5.12.11 And Android 4.4.4

    Hi guys, I've been looking around the forum, but I didn't manage to find a proper solution. I did find some that were close though. Basically I'm stuck on an old version of MIUI and an old Android version. I don't get any updates anymore. I would like to know if it is possible to move on from...
  10. T

    Android Pay And Other Questions

    Hi All Could you help the following question for a newbie who received there mi5s few days ago +How do i get the weather app to update the weather on the app as it shows the wrong temperature as per the screenshot updated. Also how do i get the weather on the lock screen wish it was that...
  11. ingbrzy

    MIUI 8.3 7.3.16

    Status: RELEASED DOWNLOAD WEEKLY DOWNLOAD STABLES Installation: Xiaomi devices: Install TWRP via Fastboot mode, then install our ROM fastboot flash...
  12. R

    Updating From Android 5.1.1 To Nougat

    Hello Friends, I want to Update my Mi4S to the new Android 7 Nougat Update and have some Questions about that. i always flash this way Wipe Cache Data/Factory Reset Wipe Dalvik Cache Wipe system Wipe Data After this Procedure i want to clean Flash the Android 7 Nougat update with the New...
  13. V

    How To Delete Emails From Contact List - Show Only Phone Numers?

    Hi I have redmi 3s with Android 6.0.1, and MIUI version, and I have problem with contacts list. On contact list I have 2 options: 1. Last - this is list with last calls 2. Contacts - this is list with phone numbers ( 85 contact number now ) - on right side is alphabet, where I can...
  14. AsadP

    Cm13 For Mi5 Onto Mi5splus?

    Hey all, Stupid question but, is it risky to flash CM13 for Mi5 onto my Mi5S Plus? MIUI is good but there are so many small features useful to me on stock Android that MIUI loses out on..
  15. AnnieChow

    How To Sync Android With Mac Or Pc ?

    As we know that smart phones are different from the traditional non-smart phones that allow you to transfer files between mobile phones and computer as long as you connect the device to computer with the USB cable. However, you are not able to do the same things to the smart phones. That’s why...