Any Other Way To Unlock Redmi 5a Bootloader? Need Help Desperate...


May 21, 2018
I just bought an Xiaomi Redmi 5A and im furious about this desperate looking for help...

i tried like more than 40 times with different numbers to receive an sms from the unlock xiaomi website but i never received their sms, then finally i was able to receive it using an USA online number....

Then now im stuck with the xiaoimi unlock tool wich says me to wait 360 is this? i cant wait that longer....and it looks like some kind of punishment to people that do like xiaomi devices...its not fair....

Can anyone please give me a way to unlock this bootloader so i can install rom ? the official tool doesnt works, i see lots of people with the same problem, i tried their support but they are useless...

My only hope is someone from this place that may have some alternative method to achieve what i want, any tips? its driving me starting to regret my decision of buying this xiaomi android phone =(


May 24, 2017
Recent Xiaomi smartphones can bootloader unlock after 360 hours.
My Mi 5X, Redmi note 5a was 360 hours.
I think that it can not be helped.


Aug 13, 2018
Just wait and use official rom until you passed the 360 hours period... I wait for that.... And I never received any sms from xiaomi to be honest.. I just wait for 15 days, use official unlock tools and it's done after few minutes
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