Apps self closing

Jul 9, 2014

I got my hongmi 1s 3 weeks ago.

I tried v29, v31 and v33.

In every update i wiped everything.

But this problem remains:

Músic APP self closes if i dont leave it opened and focus after a few seconds.

Internet browser also forces close even if it is focused. Standard browser or Chrome. It happens on both and i noticed it shutting down when keyboard appears. Maybe it is a coincedence. I only use stock keyboard also.

Is this a known bug? I havê readed some reporta of it somewhere but it was not solved yet.

It is really annoying qnd males me feel sorry for having bought this phone

What can i do to help fix this? any kind of logo maybe?
May 9, 2014
Same problem here. From v23 to v33 the problem is a little decreased, but, yes, it's a problem.
Sorry. I've no solution. I only long-press Home and slide down one or two app to force miui to keep it open. In some case it works perfectly, but really it's a bad behaviour.