ATRIX 4G (receieved unlocked bootloader)

Nov 28, 2010
Lol I could do a port in five seconds using a kitchen, if I have a copy of another rom. Give me a second, and i'll post what i've got.

Download: Pending

I did this in like two minutes, so I don't know if it'll flash correctly or anything. So, please, nandroid first, just to be sure.

Edit: Link removed until I get some things squared off within the build.
Jul 19, 2011
i would love to see this as well! I have an atrix and was thinking of selling it for a Samsung GSII but I love this phone too much to do so. MIUI would make it complete! Somebody please bring this ROM to the Atrix :)
Dec 13, 2010
AT&T. This is just a test build, keep in mind. I don't even know if the Atrix is unlocked on the US, so until I figure that out, I took the link down.
US AT&T Atrix is unlocked. I have mine unlocked and am willing to test, and I know tons of people on XDA would be willing to help test. I have went back to using my Nexus 1 after playing with the 2.3 MIUI. The Atrix really needs a polished ROM like this. I tried MIUI in it's beggining stages and wasn't really impressed, but I am blown away with how far it has come. If someone is actually going to work on porting this, start a thread on XDA and you will have lots of testers to help and devs familiar with working with the Tegra2 chipset.