New [AUDIO BUG] Mi 11 Lite 5G Audio Stuttering


Apr 29, 2021
Dear all,
I bought a Mi 11 Lite 5G and I really love this phone!
Yesterday I recognized a really annoying issue.
When there is some audio playing (e.g. Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud) and I pause the audio it is stuttering. The effect is increasing when I use bluetooth headphones. I tried some sonys and the Mi True Wireless Basic 2.
It is like when I press the pause button that the audio is paused, plays again for a really short time and then finally stops so it is not really smooth.
I compared it to my Mi Mix 2s, and there everything is good with all headphones that I tested.

What I already tried:
-Updated Firmware from 12.0.5 to 12.0.8.
- Factory Reset with and without restoring data
- Played around with some developer settings.

But the issue is still there..
Is this a (known) bug? I really searched my ass of and found nothing..

Best regards