Bad Performance on HyperOS (redwood)


Jun 27, 2019
I've installed the latest version of HyperOS and everything seems to work for now. My biggest issue thus far is, that everything feels sluggish and laggy. Even using some system apps.

Looks like some people replaced their default launcher with a different one to gain more speed and remove the lag. But I would like to ask first if there is a simple solution to this.

I'm using 120hz permanent, sped up animation speeds to 0,5 and did everything I know to speed up things, however, still laggy.

For example: If I unlock the phone, the lockscreen transition is not even showing, the launcher simply appears because of the lag. There is literally no transition because of it.
Are you sure you've got it set to 120hz. I had this same issue and noticed that during upgrade it'd been set back to 60hz and that was what was causing the janky slow behavior. Setting it to 120hz back from 60hz and it's buttery smooth again and all the animations are great.

Guessing it's optimised for 120hz.