1. S

    fastboot: error: Device does not support slots

    So i have a weird issue when trying to update my Xiaomi 12S Pro. In the past I had no issues updating to the newest weekly ROMs using the fastboot method. The cmd window shows that the device is indeed detected, and it prompts me press any key to continue. However when I press anything, the cmd...
  2. luisgr95

    New Issue Xiaome Home App on Miui 14

    I can't sync any device on Xiaomi home since I change the Miui 13 to miui14. and I do all steps, restart the device first next try to find the device and I tried to do it manually connecting to the wifi network of the device but the didn't detect the device. Any idea to solve that? POCO F3
  3. Cuby3212

    New Bluetooth sound and lag issue

    Recently, I bought a pair of headphones, and when I connect them to my mobile phone's Bluetooth, everything seems fine. However, when I try to play audio or video, there is no sound on headphones (but there's sound in the screen recorder?), and my entire phone lags. Any solutions? This has...
  4. D

    AX3600 with satellite mesh AX3000 issue

    Hi I have a problem with an AX3600 (Global 3.0.22) and an AX3000 ( / I think it's global, few informations about it). Because the AX3600 is the most powerful, I put it in primary mode on the mesh node. And the AX3000 in satellite mode on the mesh node. I wasn't meet any difficult to...
  5. Kuroyei

    New Mi 11 Lite 5G Stable Screen rotation issue

    Hi When I rotate phone's screen, black fill for punch hole and corner is also rotated. How can I fix this? (Sorry for my bad English)
  6. armin_olat

    Xiaomi 12 - Apps Crashing on Stable Rom

    Hello! I installed the latest stable version of on my Xiaomi 12 (MIUI TLCCNXM Stable). The ROM works great most of the time and I did not have issues up until 2 days ago. I was chatting with someone on Viber and, out of nowhere, the screen froze. I could swipe up to go back...
  7. Sr_RAD

    Touchpad having issues when I lower the screen resolution

    Hello, I am currently using a Poco F4 (Munch) with MIUI 14 development (Weekly 22.12.19) and I am having some issues when I lower the screen resolution. Specifically, what happens is that when I lower the screen resolution (about 75% of the original resolution, and maintaining the original...
  8. M

    Issue on upgrading to V13.0.8.0

    I'm facing a problem while upgrading MIX 4 to V13.0.8.0 from V13.0.6.0 using the recovery method. It show that the package which I gat it from the stable roms is for "odin" devices and my device is "missi" as it shows in the attachment. Although that the device was upgraded to V13.0.6.0 using...
  9. D

    New Dual app not showing Facebook and Instagram

    I have a Xiaomi 11T Pro (MIUI 12.5.6) (Android 11 RKQ1) and I can't use the dual app on facebook and instagram.I also can't give them permissions. What to do?
  10. ebiPrm

    Time issue on Poco F3 and Huawei Watch GT3

    There is an issue with my Poco F3 and Huawei watch GT3. when I connect my watch to my Poco F3 phone it shows the incorrect time. for example, if it's 2:30 it shows 1:30. but when I connect it to other phones like Huawei or Samsung it goes back to normal. I contacted Huawei services and they...
  11. B

    Mi 10T lite Microphone doesn't work

    My Xiaomi 10T Lite recently stopped picking up sound from it's microphone. It does recognize the app using the mic, but it doesn't pick up any sound/noise. (Android 13) Anyone knows a fix?
  12. S

    [HELP] Updating Poco F3 freezes mid update

    So it started flashing this uefisecapp_a thing and then decided not to, and is frozen/stuck there. Is it safe to close and restart? do I wait? what do I do? Any help is greatly appreciated (it's been "sending" for the past few minutes)
  13. C

    Google pay security problem after month of use

    Hello, I used 6 month with my mi11 ultra and ROM google pay. But since 2 weeks Google pay shows a security problem and quit work. I reinstalled the 13.0.12 update without result. H as anybody a solution for that problem?
  14. T

    Changing from latest weekly to older weekly update.

    If I want to change from the latest weekly update to an older weekly update should I always install as first installation or can I install as update? I tried updating only but what happened was that it had a message "wait until all apps or phone has been rebooted" and I could not open any app...
  15. V

    [Mi 11] MIUI 13 issue with second workplace - any solutions?

    Hello, Yesterday I upgraded my Mi 11 to MIUI Global 13.0.4 (SKBEUXM) All went smooth until I accidentally entered my graphic key incorrectly ONCE. After that I got a message saying that "Too many attempts to enter graphic key for second workplace. Device locked for 720 minutes". But the...
  16. E

    Strange issue on mi max 3

    So i bought mi max 3 flashed 12.1 like guide says then got magisc and use for couple of months and everything was amazing, then decided to change battery got one from dragontt it arrived i dissasembly phone broke old battery by accident inserted new one and it was defective, then i ordered new...
  17. L

    Mi11 Ultra apps not responding

    Hello, I have stable 12.5.12 on my mi11 ultra and most of my apps crash with the message : "app name" isnt responding , i have the options to wait, close or report. It happens quite often especially while I scroll reddit or fb, but also happen in revolut. After it occure, if i close...
  18. Z

    New Google photos free up space issue since 12.6 (mi9)

    Hi, since I'm on 12.6 I can't free up space on google photos, the application restart during the free up and nothing is deleted on my phone. I thought a format/re-install could help but there is the same problem. There was 3 or 4 updates since, but the same problem. There is a solution please ?
  19. gryphusZero

    Can I save data from my 8T?

    On my 8t that has unlocked bootloader and MIUI11 ROM I wanted to add root (magisk). I did most stupid thing today along with not making backup of my data. I did not come here first, but now I know that I should, so I foolishly installed disabled dm-verity and now I am stuck on boot...
  20. S

    Mijia g1 essential voice issue

    Hello, I have a problem with my mijia g1. After some time of usage the vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped to speak. I checked the app and everything is activated (voice button is on). The robot simply doesn’t speak. It speaks only if I change the volume, just to say that the volume was changed. I...