1. A

    Unlock HyperOS Bootloader on Chinese Device

    I have seen many posts about unlocking the bootloader on *global* devices, like this one. I proceeded as in the steps described, but I still can't unlock the bootloader. When I try to add my account in developer options, it still says "apply for authorization" I don't know what to do, because I...
  2. H

    New QR Code Scanning not working

    Device: Redmi Note 12 OS: HyperOS When I first updated to HyperOS I saw a QR code on a bin and however I tried to scan, it wouldn't recognise it. I thought maybe it's the QR code - also made sure to click the QR code button in camera to activate "searching for a QR code"? Today I had to scan 2...
  3. E

    Poco F3: upgrade MIUI 14 to HyperOS

    I see that we already have HyperOS stable for Poco F3. Thanks, xiaomi.eu people! I am not getting the upgrade on OTA, will it eventually come or I should follow another way to upgrade? Is it just download and install with TWRP? If anyone has done the upgrade I would appreciate some feedback...
  4. R

    Why Redmi K40S/POCO 4 (munch) has HyperOS?

    I'm genuinely wondering why we have HyperOS release for Redmi K40S/POCO 4 (munch). I've been looking for official HyperOS releases for this device and found none, yet here it is with xiaomi.eu. I want to know if it's safe to update and if there would be any updates for that in the future (since...
  5. C

    New mtp doesnt work after upgrade to hyperos (but works in TWRP)

    Device: Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G Installation method: updated from MIUI eu rom without wiping data using fastboot Description: after the update, i try connecting with USB a to c cable and select file transfers/android auto but the device doesn't appear on windows file explorer, however if i boot...
  6. ketian

    HyperOS - how to remove app names in home screen

    HyperOS Android 13 TKQ1.221114.001 Redmi Note 11 ------------------ The HyperOS update I have is the one Xiaomi rolled out themselves for my phone. Is there a way to remove the app names in the home screen? I've seen that the SetEdit app changes are being rejected by HyperOS...
  7. allonsallezvous

    Notifications Disappear after around 12 hours?

    Have anyone had an issue where notifications disappear after around 12 hours? I'm assuming that Hyperos is trying to put it into the "Earlier notifications" like on some other phones, but perhaps due to it being a Xiaomi 14 global rom, the features are not enabled correctly (e.g I do not have...
  8. blackstarstone

    Bad Performance on HyperOS (redwood)

    I've installed the latest version of HyperOS and everything seems to work for now. My biggest issue thus far is, that everything feels sluggish and laggy. Even using some system apps. Looks like some people replaced their default launcher with a different one to gain more speed and remove the...
  9. H

    New Google Pay security issue on HyperOS

    Seen this is a known issue as of two months ago. Fixed by rebooting device but I need reliable fix. This issue started for me today after updating to hyperOS last night
  10. J

    Apps start by themselves when I turn on the phone

    I have Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G and since I updated to HyperOS, when I turn on the phone (and it was completely off) or restart it, most of the apps start automatically, even though they do not have the automatic start option activated. I don't know if it's a bug or what, but I would like to know...
  11. R

    New hyperos bugs

    1. when i open recents my phone fps drops down to 30-80 from 120 2. when i lock screen and try holding time widget to edit it shows text "Opening lock screen editor" and all just crashes and i get back to lockscreen 3. i have disabled/turned off animation but on recents it doesn't give effect...
  12. cypher

    how to install Magisk on Xiaomi 13 - fuxi

    hi all. just received my Xiaomi 13 - fuxi and waited 168h to unlock bootloader. I'm in the phase of installing and setupping everything, so I wondered how to install magisk and obtain root privileges on this very smatphone with the latest hyperOS weekly running on it. I have found some threads...
  13. C

    Accidentally installed wrong rom

    Hello, I accidentally installed HyperOS sweet_k6a instead of sweet, I didn't look for the Model name I just looked for the codename and it didn't even give me a warning during the installation, now my phone won't even turn on and the screen is black and won't light up. Any help? * I know It's...
  14. Enyrox

    Extend slow motion video.

    Is there a way to extend the slowed down part of a 1920 FPS slow motion video? (Xiaomi 13, xiaomi.eu, HyperOS
  15. ntlkr

    New Paypal app crashes

    Ever since I installed XM.eu ROM (Clean install from fastboot), my PayPal app crashes right at the moment when receiving the 2fa code for first login. Device: shennong, xiaomi.eu weekly ROM 24.3.4, rooted with magisk 27.0.0 All banking apps (including PayPal), and all Google apps including...
  16. FurriousFox

    New [MARBLE] Bootloop after upgrading to HyperOS (logcat included)

    After upgrading my phone (marble) to HyperOS (OS1.0.2.0.UMRCNXM) it kept bootlooping forever, first taking a few minutes on the POCO logo and then a few minutes on the HYPEROS logo with the three animated dots at the bottom. I have tried flashing multiple times using fastboot (computer, windows...
  17. W

    New Google wallet notifications shortcut not working

    Hi, I've had this issue since I updated to HyperOS. When I pull down the notifications tab and go to the shortcuts, the google wallet icon is shown there, but when I click it nothing happens. The google wallet/pay apps are working fine. I have the "security module" (or whatever it's called)...
  18. M

    New Interconnectivity stopped working

    Hello, I have a 13 Pro and a Pad 5 Pro 12.4. Yesterday I installed the stable xiaomi.eu Harmony OS ROM with fastboot on the 13 Pro (beforehand I had xiaomi.eu miui 14). Current Version: The Pad 5 Pro has the original chinese ROM. Version: Yesterday I was stunned...
  19. Enyrox

    Share app button gone HyperOS

    Hello, I'm currently using HyperOS with Xiaomi.EU I was recently on and the share apk button was not missing when long pressing an app on the home screen but now it seems to be gone. Anyone knows why? How to put it back?
  20. Z

    Lithuanian language Hyper OS ROM

    Does the Hyper OS ROM (Stable and Weekly ROMs) have Lithuanian language support?